10 Eco-friendly Canadian Brands for a Greener Home

These sustainable home and lifestyle brands from Canada make conscious living easy.

As we reflect on the impact our choices and actions have on the planet this World Environment Day, it’s important to look at our household habits. When thinking about greener lifestyle habits, remember that small changes can make a big difference! Sustainability starts at home and there are many eco-friendly swaps you can make at home that will contribute to a cleaner environment. 

Choosing to buy and consume smarter are great ways you can live more consciously. There are so many great eco-friendly Canadian home and lifestyle brands that make conscious living easy. Filling your home with environmentally friendly products made by ethical companies will help you build a greener home and lifestyle. Check out these 10 Canadian brands that are focused on reducing the impact that home products have on the environment, from cleaning products to decor.


Stalk is a sustainable living shop in Toronto that offers everyday essentials that are good for you and the planet. Stalk’s simple products for eco-conscious living are designed to inspire people to live a lifestyle with less waste. At Stalk, you can find household, personal care, and wellness products, from toiletries to food storage solutions, that are local, minimally packaged, and non-toxic.

Pretty Clean Shop

Located in the Junction in Toronto, Pretty Clean Shop is a 100% female founded and owned store carrying products from natural, eco-friendly, and healthy companies. This one-stop shop for home, body, and personal care focuses on reducing waste and avoiding single-use plastic. The products at Pretty Clean Shop feature safe ingredients, sustainable packaging, and are free of toxins. Along with offering better options for products, packaging, materials, and shipping, Pretty Clean Shop also has refillable products for home cleaning, hair, makeup, body, and skincare.

Logan & Finley

Logan & Finley is an eco-conscious general store in the heart of Toronto’s Queen West neighbourhood providing sustainable options for everyday needs. Logan & Finley features thoughtfully chosen, well designed, ethically sourced, sustainable clothing and accessories, less waste solutions, skin care, cleaning products, food storage, gifts and cards. More than 50 of the brands stocked at Logan & Finley are made in Canada and more than 20 are made in Toronto. Logan & Finley also has clothing for women made with natural fibers.

Eco + Amour

Eco + Amour is the first refill boutique in GTA to focus on beauty and personal care items. You can bring your own containers to refill products for bath, body, and home. Eco + Amour carries goods from premium Canadian brands that are sulfate free, biodegradable, and cruelty free. They also have their own line of refill products made start to finish at their Scarborough facility.

All Things Being Eco

All Things Being Eco is your one-stop shop for products that will suit your entire home and everyone in the family, from baby to bathroom and cleaning to clothing. This ethical clothing and gift boutique features products that are organic, ethically-produced, and locally sourced. All Things Being Eco’s zero waste and refill selections allow you to buy just as much as you need, offering eco-friendly and budget friendly options for products like shampoo and conditioner. You can choose to bring your own empty containers or get them there. All Things Being Eco also offers organic and bulk ingredients if you want to make your own diy natural products like toothpaste or deodorant.

The Better Good

Dedicated to helping you make better choices, The Better Good features organic and fair trade products made with upcycled, recycled, or renewable materials. The Better Good’s home collection includes items like home accessories, kitchenware, textiles, and cleaning. The Better Good uses local producers whenever possible and is committed to giving back by investing in the community and empowering organizations. 


Wordlet is an online store promoting products for a low to zero waste lifestyle, including home goods, self care, apothecary, and pantry items. Wordlet offers package-free, plastic-free, zero waste, and environmentally friendly goods that are accessible and affordable. Wordlet also features a second-hand shop where you can browse through a curated selection of gently used items.


Obakki is a home goods store offering ethically handmade home decor made in partnership with a network of world class artisans. Obakki values modern and slow design, selling limited edition, small batch items. From Mexico to Kenya, Obakki’s global artisan partners preserve and honour traditional artistry. It’s important to Obakki to respect a product's origin while being mindful of the impact of consumption. Through the Obakki Foundation, Obakki invests back into community development and focuses on providing clean water access and livelihood initiatives in Africa.

Maison Tess

Offering consciously designed home essentials, Maison Tess is where effortless style and sustainable comfort collide. Maison Tees is known for their thoughtfully designed, premium bedding, but they also offer home accents, tableware, throws, and home fragrances.


Batiqua sells eco-friendly, fair trade, ethically sourced, and sustainably made home decor, including pillows, placemats, table runners, and wall hangings. Founded by a Zimbabwe born entrepreneur, Batiqua specializes in artisan textiles all handmade in Zimbabwe with an emphasis on empowering marginalized artisans. You can shop this Black, female-owned company through their ecommerce website. Batiqua also just opened a new brick-and-mortar store in Chilliwack, British Columbia.

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