The Architecture of Queen's Landing

Have you wondered how we come up with the designs of our homes? It’s usually a long, meticulous process involving many considerations. The architectural designs for Queen’s Landing are no different; they were developed through a careful process of brainstorming between our architectural consultants at RN Design and our product development team here at Minto. With the help of this hard-working team, we were able to develop a unique, elegant, and timeless community design. 

It started as a brainstorming session where the team sat down to deliberate some important questions: what do we want this site to feel like? What do we want to represent? And at the same time, what will make Minto stand apart from all the other new developments that are coming to the area?

The team centred in on the idea of historical styles of architecture. But they also wanted to focus on crafting interesting streetscapes and creating a community that felt timeless. “We didn’t want to create another cookie cutter builder subdivision,” explained RN’s designer Steve Hukari.  “We wanted to keep things fresh.” 

The team wanted to develop homes that were inviting from the inside and out. As Steve told us, “We have always felt that more windows add more life to a house. From the outside, the house feels inviting, from the inside you feel more like you are outside which makes spaces feel bigger and brighter.” So the team decided that more, bigger windows, was the way to go. They also wanted to add character to the homes with details like chimneys, board and batten shutters, pilasters, tapered columns, steeper roof pitches, and different window grill patterns to add depth to the designs. 

There were initially three different styles of architecture decided upon for Queen’s Landing: Canadiana, Craftsman and Georgian. To add a bit more “zing” to the mix, French Country and Tudor period architecture were added. In total that’s five great styles of architecture for Queen’s Landing. The styles are mixed within each model to create a wide selection of homes, while at the same time not having the same styles in every floorplan. This ensures that a greater variety of elevations will appear in the neighborhood, keeping it away from that “cookie-cutter” subdivision look. 

After all the homes were designed, the team also carefully decided on the material and color selections for the exteriors. Stone suppliers, brick manufacturers, siding textures and color palettes were all considered at length. “We really wanted a larger variety of color palettes as well as different materials to add ‘textures’ to the streetscape,” Steve explained. “If every house is the same colour brick and same shingle color it can get quite monotonous.” Because of this, Queen’s Landing’s homes have a larger than normal number of exterior color packages. It might be a lot of choice, but this gives us the character and variety that we strive for in the community!

The beautifully elegant designs of Queen’s Landing were developed after careful consideration of every aspect of their architectural design, colour palette, and community feel.  If you’re looking to live in one of these thoughtfully-designed Queen’s Landing homes, there are still lots available! Contact us to learn more, and be sure to register today to stay up to date with what’s happening.

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