Building Minto Ivy Ridge From the Ground Up

Minto Ivy Ridge will soon be a fixed community to the Town of Whitby. Located at Thickson and Rossland, this exclusive collection of elegant homes will feature detached singles on 36-ft and 43-ft lots, and exquisite freehold townhomes – all built with traditional and sophisticated architecture.

Steve Hukari, Senior Residential Designer from RN Design is one of the creative minds behind the look and feel of the Minto Ivy Ridge community. “After much discussion, the conversation trended towards historical styles of older architecture. But we also wanted to focus on crafting interesting streetscapes and creating a community that has a sense of timelessness [but] at the same time, we wanted to keep things fresh.”

He continues, “We have always felt that more windows add more life to a house, [both] inside and out. From the outside, the house feels inviting and from the inside you feel more like you’re outdoors which makes spaces feel bigger and brighter.”

            36' Ripley B                                                    43' Summerfield A

Adding original features to the homes was also a crucial element that RN Design wanted to include. “Adding character details like [textured] chimneys, board and batten shutters, pilasters, tapered columns, steeper roof pitches, and different window grill patterns, really adds to the depth of detail of the designs.”

After contemplating design features, the team had to choose which style of architecture would be best suited for the neighbourhood. “We initially presented about three different styles of architecture.  [The first styles that were discussed were] Canadiana, Craftsman and Georgian, and they were all well received. But overall we felt that we needed to add some more “zing” into the mix. So, we added French Country and Period Revival architecture elevations as well. We would mix the styles within each of our models, which would create a great portfolio of homes – creating a greater variety to the neighbourhood.”

Langdale Townhomes

After all the homes were designed, the team moved on to focusing on the material and colour schemes. “This can really make or break a neighbourhood,” said Hukari. “We spent hours looking at different stone suppliers, brick manufacturers, siding textures and colours. We really wanted a larger variety of colour palettes, as well as different materials to [create] ‘textures’ for the streetscape, giving us the variety that we were striving for.” 

“The overall experience of creating Minto Ivy Ridge was very satisfying,” says Hukari. “We feel that we have taken historic styles of architecture, re-worked them with a fresh perspective on what is important to the home buyer, and provided Minto and there purchasers a fantastic neighbourhood that will stand the test of time.”


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