Morgan’s Creek: The Minto tradition of convenience and quality continues

| 2019-02-21

Render of new townhomes in Ottawa. Introducing Phase 2 of Morgan's Creek. New Townhomes in Kanata.

With Phase one of Morgan's Creek Infusion Terrace Homes now sold out, we're getting ready for Phase II featuring Avenue Townhomes and Executive Townhomes.

Set into a green oasis just off March Road, Morgan's Creek is all about convenience. One of our newest community – where we will also be selling Executive and Avenue Townhomes in Phase II – is just minutes from the west end’s bustling high-tech hub, it’s close to the Queensway, and it’s surrounded by the modern, welcoming life of Kanata. 

We’ve been part of the area’s robust growth for decades, building complete communities like Klondike Crossing and Morgan’s Grant, both now sold out. The master-planned community of Arcadia, just minutes away, immediately became the area’s go-to spot for home buyers when it opened in 2012. Potter's Key in nearby Stittsville, has proven to be another favourite among home buyers, as this community officially sold-out in early 2019.

While bringing Morgan’s Creek from conception to reality, we’ve continued our vigorous engagement in the life of Ottawa and Ottawa homeowners.

Solar panels on a rooftop. Introducing Phase 2 of Morgan's Creek. New Townhomes in Kanata.

That engagement includes a commitment to building green communities — and building them in a sustainable manner, with minimal waste and maximum recycling of materials. In fact, we have been a pioneer in green and energy-efficient innovations since the 1970s, using design, construction strategies and materials, and leading-edge fresh air systems to build homes that are in tune with the environment. We have also built Net Zero Executive Townhomes and Single Family Homes, including the 2019 Minto Dream Home as net-zero, that are so advanced they actually produce as much energy as they consume while still offering the same attractive, family-friendly look that all our homes feature. 

Building sustainably is not just good for the planet; it’s good for our homeowners, too. Green homes cost less to operate, they’re more comfortable, with better indoor air quality, and they are built to last. Our unflagging determination to build with the future in mind is one reason for our enviable record of awards, including Ontario Green Builder of the Year and EnerQuality Green Builder of the Year many times. 

Our leadership in home building for more than 60 years is rooted in our philosophy of continually evolving design. Homeowners’ needs and expectations change, and we have always both anticipated and responded to those changes. 

Minto logos throughout the years. Introducing Phase 2 of Morgan's Creek. New Townhomes in Kanata.

Our roots lie deep in Ottawa, where we began and where we are still headquartered even as we have expanded successfully into other Canadian and U.S. markets. Our logo, recently streamlined to reflect the company’s evolution, embodies those local beginnings: the four roots at the bottom of the stylized tree represent the four Greenberg brothers who launched Minto back in 1955. 

Beautiful blue dining room of the The Bohemian, 2019 Minto Dream Home for CHEO. Introducing Phase 2 of Morgan's Creek. New Townhomes in Kanata.

Throughout our history, Minto Communities has given back generously to the community. We have sponsored important local events like the 2018 Kanata North Picnic as well as the state-of-the-art, 160,000-square-foot Minto Recreation Complex that serves the residents of Barrhaven. Since 2001, we have also supported CHEO by designing and building the Minto Dream Home, which is part of the grand prize in the annual CHEO Dream of a Lifetime Lottery. That partnership with CHEO has raised almost $55 million for the hospital. 

Whether it’s supporting our neighbours, playing a key role in initiatives like the revitalization of Lansdowne Park, where we built two dazzling condo towers, or welcoming residents to our new Morgan’s Creek community, at Minto we continue to set the pace for homes in Ottawa.