10 Best Outdoor Skating Rinks In Calgary

One upside to having below 0 weather more than half of the year is the ability to strap on a pair of skates, bundle up, and hit one of Calgary Park's Adopt-A-Rink many outdoor skating rinks. With a variety of rinks scattered around the city, your options are wide open. From small community rinks to a frozen lagoon, it’s definitely a favourite pastime for locals.

Recently Minto Communities Inc. Calgary was approached with the opportunity to help fund a volunteer-run skating rink in the community of Bridgeland (9a Park rink). Since our mission is to make a positive impact on lives and livelihoods in every postal code we’re a part of, we saw this a perfect opportunity to further invest in the community.

9th a Ave Public Skating Rink

So, Here is the list of our top 10 outdoor skating rinks in Calgary, starting with our very own 9a Park rink.

9a Park Bridgeland Skating Rink

This rink was created as part of Calgary Park's Adopt-A-Rink program and was built and run entirely by volunteers of the community of Bridgeland. The rink is popular with young families of the community so much so that they’ve added casual seating and a fire pit for the young families to enjoy. The string lights allow you to enjoy this rink during the evening and is regularly flooded by volunteers! Although there are small boards up, this is an entirely pleasure skating rink, so no hockey sticks, please!

Big Marlborough Park

With two large parking lots, walking paths, a toboggan hill, and a skating rink, this easily accessible park is great for skating and more! The rink itself features bleachers and a fire ring for warming up. Bring the whole family out for a day of winter activities.

North Glenmore Park

North Glenmore Park has it all, a skating rink and a new 730 meters trail that winds through the park. It’s beautiful at sunset and is lined with string lights to give it an extra romantic feeling. Note, there are some small hills to go up and so expect to get a little adrenalin rush!

Carburn Park

Watch the glow of downtown Calgary as you skate on this man-made pond bordering the community of Riverbend. Carburn Park is a city-preserved wildlife habitat and ecosystem so you’ll feel one with nature when you’re huddled around the firepit!

Bowness Park Lagoon

This popular year-round leisure spot turns into a winter wonderland from mid-December through February. You can skate on the lagoon or on their new ice trail along the river and through light-wrapped trees! Something new this year that you’ll want to try out is their ice bikes (for rent). When you need a break, warm-up at one of their many fire pits with a hot drink from the cafe.

Barb Scott Park

You’re probably familiar with the interactive illuminated public art piece, Chinook Arc, downtown! Well, there’s a new rink located next to it where you can time your strides to the change of the colors. The rink isn’t usually busy so if you’re looking for an intimate place to skate, this is it!

Olympic Plaza

This iconic skating rink is located in the heart of downtown is probably one of the most photographed rinks during the season! With views of the Calgary Tower, a massive Christmas tree during the holidays, and daily scheduled Zamboni runs, there’s no wonder it’s one of the City’s favourite rinks.

Prairie Winds Park

This 16-hectare park is enjoyed year-round and once winter hits, skating and tobogganing are the activities of choice. There are rinks for all types of skaters. Whether you’re a hockey player or just skating for pleasure, Prairie Winds park has a rink for you!

RoseDale Community Park

This community rink is free for all and doesn't have a time restriction! It’s the perfect place to play a game of shimmy since there are rink boards and it’s regularly flooded. The lights automatically turn off at 10:30 pm but you can control the lights from outside the rink - just switch them off when you leave.

Thompson Family Park

How does a skate followed by a meal on 17th Ave sound? If you said yes, visit Thompson Family Park for a skate. This park was redeveloped to celebrate its cultural heritage and continues to bring people together for outdoor engagements! Skate up an appetite and walk a few minutes to the restaurants on 17th Ave!

The winter is still young, so grab your skates, bundle up, and head out to one (or all!) of Calgary’s top skating rinks in the city!

*Please be responsible for your own safety by bringing your own helmets, gloves, and skating pads.

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