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Minto Home Buyers Club

Yes You Can. It’s your dream. Own It. Purchasing a new home in Florida can be complicated and filled with questions:

Where do I start? Who can I trust? Will I qualify?

The Home Buyers Club was created by Minto to simplify the home buying process for our customers and provide professional assistance to those facing financial challenges. Getting started is easy.

You will be assigned a personal Home Buyers Club credit coach who will explain the home buying process in detail and work with you to chart a simple-to-follow Game Plan to help you achieve the dream of home ownership.

Your coach will provide intensive credit coaching solutions to address such common challenges as:

  • Qualifying for a mortgage
  • Money for a down payment
  • Low credit rating
  • Basic home buying knowledge

Best of all, this valuable professional mortgage and credit coaching is absolutely FREE. Joining the Home Buyers Club means enjoying immediate membership benefits.

Our credit coaches will help you get started by:

  • Providing a free credit score analysis
  • Troubleshooting loan applications
  • Helping you repair, restore, and improve your credit rating
  • Helping you resolve outstanding debt and manage personal budgets

Once you’ve completed the Home Buyers Club program, you will be on your way gaining freedom and control over your financial future.

The Process to Becoming a new Minto Homeowner:

  1. Getting Started: Once you’ve identified the home that best suits your needs, your new home sales professional will facilitate a mortgage pre-qualification meeting with one of our approved lenders who will administer the Home Buyers Club program.
  2. Developing A Game Plan: A credit coach will conduct a complete financial analysis and develop a Game Plan to help you reach your homeownership goals. Your coach will get to know you, your family, and your unique financial circumstances.
  3. Follow Up: A timeline and milestones will be established, and follow-up meetings will be scheduled to support your progress. Your coach is there to help you meet your goals and assist you throughout the process.
  4. Your New Financial Status: A new credit analysis will be created to reflect your newly updated financial status.
  5. Congratulations! You will celebrate the successful completion of your Home Buyers Club program with the Purchase Agreement of your new Minto home.

YES. The dream of home ownership is well within your reach, and Minto’s Home Buyers Club is a smart and viable solution thoughtfully tailored for those who need extra financial consideration.

Minto Home Buyers Club
4400 W. Sample Road, Suite 200
Coconut Creek, FL 33073-3450
(954) 973-4490
(800) 767-4490

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