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Resilient living in the Equestrian: Crafted for tomorrow

Resilient. That’s how Justin Bouchard, Director of Estimating and Purchasing at Minto Communities Ottawa, summed up the 2023 Minto Dream Home for CHEO. With a holistic approach to sustainability and wellness – from energy consumption and construction materials to indoor air quality, solar power and more – the Equestrian is designed for the future.

Sustainability tour of the Equestrian - 2023 Minto Dream Home Grand Prize for the CHEO Dream of a Lifetime Lottery

Sustainability and wellness extend beyond the walls of the Minto Dream Home. A direct connection to nature awaits outside, with the home’s semi-private cul-de-sac lot backed by protected green space. The Equestrian’s massive backyard gives you access to it all. Plus, the home returns to Mahogany, Manotick, offering parks, multi-use pathways and easy access to nature and waterfront.

The Minto Dream Home is the CHEO Dream of a Lifetime Lottery grand prize. It’s a beacon of hope, featuring a dream-worthy design, superior building materials and innovative technology inside and out. All aimed to enhance your family’s well-being and future-proof the home. Here’s a closer look at the unique sustainability and wellness features inside.

Year-round geothermal climate control

For the first time, the Minto Dream Home includes geothermal heating and cooling. This innovative method uses the earth as a renewable thermal battery, harnessing consistent temperatures 300 feet below the surface to provide energy-efficient and eco-friendly climate control. The system extracts heat during the winter and sends it back into the earth during the summer months.

What’s the benefit to homeowners?

By using stable, naturally-produced temperature to exchange heat, a geothermal system consumes less energy and leads to long-term cost savings. The 2023 Minto Dream Home is 81% more energy efficient and its operational carbon emission is 88% less than current Ontario Building Code homes. And since the Equestrian relies on renewable energy sources, it’s more sustainable with a smaller carbon footprint.

The system has a longer lifespan, too, compared to a traditional HVAC system. The underground components of geothermal systems can last for decades, while its indoor components don’t often need repairs.

Geothermal provides both heating and cooling for the home and isn’t affected by temperature fluctuations outside. During the fall and winter, heat is extracted from the ground and circulated indoors; during the summer, heat is absorbed from indoor air and transferred to the ground. The system is reliable and maintains consistent indoor temperature, ensuring year-round comfort.

Scale 3D model of the Equestrian showing the 300ft deep geothermal technologyFamily In Mahogany, Manotick

Here’s a look at five more benefits of the Equestrian's geothermal heating and cooling system:

  1. Quiet operation: Geothermal systems are a whisper compared to the noise produced by traditional air conditioning units or furnaces.
  2. Space savings: The system takes up less room than a conventional HVAC unit, giving you more functional space inside the home.
  3. Protection from unpredictable energy costs: Geothermal heating and cooling exploits the earth's natural heat, making the home less susceptible to the ever-rising prices of fossil fuel.
  4. Radiant floor heating: The Equestrian’s basement is equipped with geothermal hydronic in-floor heating, delivering consistent warmth to the entire surface for a comfortable living environment.
  5. Hot water generation: The geothermal system is used to pre-heat water, using less fossil fuel to reach temperature, which further increases the home’s efficiency and energy-saving benefits.

Solar panels on back exterior of 2023 Minto Dream Home

From a dream house to powerhouse

The Equestrian is designed to safeguard your family against the unexpected, featuring Panasonic’s innovative EverVolt™ solar panels and battery storage system. The home provides a resilient energy solution with continuous access to noise-free, clean and renewable backup power.

The intelligent design places solar panels discreetly on the rear side of the roof, soaking up sunlight by day and complementing the Arts & Crafts exterior. But the true marvel lies within the EverVolt™ Home Energy Storage System. The system’s smart software analyzes data to help you determine the best way to use the energy you collect—power an immediate need, store it for later or send it to the grid for credit to your utility bill. The system also surpasses conventional generators, delivering peace of mind with a reliable, clean energy source.

  • Stay prepared and independent, using the power you generate how you want, when you want—all with zero carbon emissions
  • Avoid sudden rate hikes, policy shifts and steep energy expenses during peak hours
  • Run critical appliances longer during emergencies, power outages and extreme weather

Dollhouse of the 2023 Minto Dream Home with sustainability highlights

A breath of fresh indoor air

We spend roughly 90% of our time indoors – mostly inside our own homes. And since indoor air is often five-times dirtier than outdoor air, we partnered with Panasonic Canada to help you take cleaner, fresher breaths in the 2023 Minto Dream Home.

Step into a healthier home with Breathe Well, The Only Complete Air Quality Solution™, improving indoor air quality (IAQ) with advanced home technology:

  • Intelli-Balance™ Energy Recovery Ventilators: The system circulates fresh air inside the home and cycles out stale, dirty air.
  • WhisperAir Repair™ with nanoe X™: Purification technology cleanses the air by inhibiting pollutants and removing odours
  • Swidget Modular Smart Devices: Future-proofed devices monitor IAQ, automate ventilation and manage humidity

The Breathe Well system is designed to protect your family from pollen, allergens and hazardous substances. As an added benefit, it also removes odors from carpets, furniture, and fabrics. (Plus, cleaner air moisturizes your skin and makes your hair sleeker!)

Live and breathe confidently in the Equestrian. Designed to enhance your quality of life with energy-efficient, maintenance-free air purification.

Eco-friendly from the ground up

Whether it’s Ottawa's newest developments or the Minto Dream Home for CHEO, resiliency lies at the heart of every home we craft. The Equestrian is designed in harmony with greener practices, featuring superior materials and innovative technology.

Each window, for instance, boasts a low solar heat gain rating, enhancing energy efficiency and yearly comfort. Within the structural walls, R-5 SilveRboard from Amvic Building Systems improves thermal insulation. Crafted from expanded polystyrene, these top-tier insulation panels are designed to keep the home comfortable in any season. Complementing this, rigid insulation and fibreglass batt insulation line wall cavities to enhance thermal performance.

By uniting these progressive materials with pioneering technology, the Equestrian does more than dream. It contributes to a brighter future for CHEO children and the lucky grand prize winner of the Dream of a Lifetime Lottery.

Family In Mahogany, Manotick

Mahogany, Manotick: Where the heart is

The 2023 Minto Dream Home for CHEO returns to Mahogany, Manotick, just steps from Manotick Village. It’s the perfect community for the Equestrian: charming and elegant, convenient and chock full of amenities. From picturesque streetscapes and multi-use pathways to parks, a community pond and everything you need to maximize your well-being.

All of which resonates with the Minto Dream Home, a resilient home with a holistic approach to wellness and sustainability. The home combines greener building practices and materials with innovative technology to enhance your home comfort and reduce your carbon footprint. Tanya and the entire team at Minto agree, the Equestrian is designed for a brighter future. For your family and the planet, for children and youth at CHEO.

The 2023 Minto Dream Home is now closed. Stay tuned for the next CHEO Dream of a Lifetime Lottery.

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