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How to be your own Valentine while staying home

live together | 5 MIN READ | 2021-02-09

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, there’s no need to put pressure on yourself to make it an epic one. Whether you’re single or currently distanced from your significant other, you can still treat yourself to some of the finer things for this Hallmark holiday with these 6 ideas to create the ideal solo celebration.

A relaxing spa day 

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Who doesn’t love a little pampering? Take some time for yourself and relax and unwind (yes, you deserve it!) with these suggestions on how to set up the ultimate spa day in your apartment:

  • Open a  bottle of your favourite wine, champagne or sparkling water
  • Run a warm bath

o Don’t forget bubbles or bath salts (or both)! 

o Grab your favourite book 

o Throw some rose petals in the tub if you’re feeling extra fancy

  • Play some relaxing music or listen to a podcast 
  • Apply a hydrating facemask 
  • Give yourself a mani-pedi 
  • Dim the lights and light some candles 
  • Turn on your essential oil diffuser 
  • Surround yourself with plants or greenery 
  • Try some relaxation yoga
  • Give yourself a relaxation massage to help with tense muscles 

If you’re not really sure what you’ll need to get the full spa day experience, consider ordering an at-home spa kit like these to really treat yourself to something special and try some new products we know you’ll love!

Dinner and a movie

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This is a classic, but never gets old. Pick up everything you need to make a decadent dinner for one, light a few candles and of course, don’t forget dessert. This isn’t the time to worry about calories – treat yourself to something incredibly chocolatey (permission to eat the whole box), or indulge in an over-the-top cheese platter to top things off. 

Not in the mood to cook? Well, that’s what delivery apps are for! Go ahead and treat yourself to something delicious and show your love to a local restaurant. Hey, why not order from a few and save the leftovers for lunch the next day? 

Next we suggest you settle in on the couch for a movie (or reality show) marathon, pop some popcorn and cheers yourself for being the best date you could ever ask for. 

Send yourself flowers and chocolate 

Girl standing with pink flowers in front of face

Seriously – do it. No one knows your favourite flower and chocolate combos better than you. Not only will fresh blooms brighten your mood, they’ll also beautify your apartment. Win win!

No need to feel guilty about indulging in chocolate either, with so many proven health benefits. So go ahead, get a little something special for yourself this Valentine’s Day. 

Single friends Zoom mingle 

Friends on zoom call

This one is definitely a fun way to celebrate! Organize a video call with your other solo friends and have an online date. Get dressed up, meet online at a set time, have your dinner ready and have fun with it. Try some of these suggestions during your call: 

  • Organize a few games
  • Shares stories about best/worst date experiences 
  • Take turns describing your dream date in any country with any person
  • Show off your latest online purchases
  • Watch a movie together

And most importantly, make this day about appreciating your friendships and telling the people in your life how grateful you are for them. 

Get crafty 

Heart shaped sugar cookies

Remember those sweet little Valentine’s Day cards you’d get from your friends at school? Why not pick up supplies and bring back the tradition by making your own for your family and friends. Break out the glitter glue, cut out paper hearts, add on all kinds of embellishments and pick your favourite puns (they’re endless!).

  • Tip: if you’re planning on hand delivering and want to bring your cards up a level, bake some sweet treats to go along with them – nothing makes you feel the love more than a Valentine’s Day card and some heart-shaped sugar cookies!

Spend the day doing what you love 

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Finally, to truly be your own best Valentine’s Day date, spend the day doing what you love completely guilt-free. Don’t even think about all the things you should be doing – this is a stress-free zone. Why not:

  • Read an entire book or catch up on magazines
  • Paint 
  • Spend time with your pets (extra cuddles, anyone?)
  • Binge your favourite Netflix show
  • Rearrange your furniture (again)
  • Play video games
  • Bake something (and then eat it, of course)
  • Online shop
  • Nap
  • Dance!

While you’re at it, take some time to reflect on yourself and everything you’ve accomplished. After all, Valentine’s Day is about showing love for someone – and no one is more deserving than you.