How we're partnering with best water technology to fight plastic pollution at construction sites and homes

LIVE greener | 2021-09-14

The entire lifecycle of plastic water bottles is a major contributor to environmental pollution. Not only do plastic bottles pollute our oceans and streets and fill our landfills, but the processes used to produce and ship these bottles also create waste. Did you know it can take plastic bottles around 450 years to decompose? And when they are produced or break down, they release pollutants that are toxic to the environment and our health. The dangers of plastic water bottles are many, and that is why we have partnered with the world’s top water filter manufacturer to do our part to help put a stop to single-use plastic pollution.

Best Water Technology (BWT) is Europe’s leading water technology company. BWT provides water treatment products and services that are both eco-friendly and cost effective. BWT aims to reduce plastic waste across the world, while also protecting one of the world’s most valuable natural resources: water. Water is a limited resource shared by 7.5 billion people that is unfortunately largely delivered in plastic bottles, resulting in about 200 billion plastic bottles being made each year according to BWT. What’s worse is that these bottles are often not recycled. Here in Canada, under 10% of plastic waste is recycled.

Man pouring water into a water bottle

For BWT, what started as a challenge to reduce plastic water bottles in their own offices using their own technologies, has grown into a larger campaign to help do the same internationally across businesses, schools, and homes. As a company that is also committed to our social responsibility to leaving the world better than we found it, we are proud to be a part of BWT’s global wide campaign to reduce and eventually eliminate the use of disposable plastic water bottles through the implementation of Bottle Free Zone communities. 

With the help of BWT’s modern purification systems and services, we have been able to facilitate areas with no plastic water bottles in our communities. We are also the first major developer to implement a fill station for reusable water bottles at construction sites. At our construction site for 123 Portland, a water station was installed and each worker was provided with a reusable water bottle so we could avoid using and collecting single-use plastic water bottles on site. We are hoping to expand this initiative to each of our construction sites.

Man holding reusable water bottle

BWT’s water filtration systems can also be found in the public spaces and suites at our latest condo projects, such as 123 Portland and The Saint. With the installation of a built-in water filtration system in every kitchen as a standard feature, we can inspire residents to opt for reusable water bottles rather than plastic water bottles. BWT’s technologies work to remove chlorine and other unwanted substances like odours and tastes from the water, while still retaining its valuable minerals. This provides residents with high-quality water because it’s not just about reducing waste; it’s about creating better water for the environment and our health.

As climate change and the health of the planet become more and more of a growing concern, home buyers and home developers alike are feeling driven to be more environmentally conscious. Keeping with their slogan - “Change the world, sip by sip” - BWT’s Bottle Free Zone campaign allows us to do this. Through our partnership with BWT, we are not only helping to improve access to healthy drinking water across communities, but also helping us all to live more sustainable lives.