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22 pet friendly plants perfect for your apartment

LIVE greener | 7 MIN READ | 2021-05-17

If you’re loving the apartment life with your pet and thinking about adding a bit of greenery to spruce things up, be aware that not all plants and pets mix well together. When you live in a smaller space the places to put things are also somewhat limited, so you want to make sure all the plants you have in your home jive with your furry friends. We’ve pulled together this list of plants that are perfect for you, your apartment and your pets. 

Foliage plants

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Not only do plants with lots of foliage look great, but they also purify the air you breathe by absorbing unwanted toxins that float around in heavily populated areas. Next time you’re in the market for a statement plant that brings lots of green to your space, try some of these pet-friendly options: 

Areca Palm: Grows up to five feet tall and has beautiful large leaves that butterfly out. Place it in the corner of a room in a large pot to wow your guests. 

Boston Fern: A statement piece that looks just as good potted on the floor as it does in a hanging basket, this easy to care for plant will bring the beauty of the outdoors inside with its dramatic, draping leaves.

Birds Nest Fern: Perfect for low-light environments (north-facing apartment dwellers, fear no more), these cute little ferns will brighten up any space with their squiggly leaves and air purifying qualities. 

Ponytail Palm: Let its leaves grow long or trim them back when you think it needs a haircut. This desktop-sized palm tree will bring a little bit of fun to your furry friend who will surely try to catch its cascading leaves. 

Spider Plant: This plant shows up frequently on our lists because it’s an all-time favourite. Easy to care for, thrives in low light and is completely pet friendly – what more could you ask for? 

Calathea Orbifolia: Otherwise known as a “prayer plant” due to its leaves folding together at nighttime, this plant’s beautiful green leaves will add life to any bookshelf it’s placed on. This plant prefers bright over direct light, so it’s perfect for any apartment type.

Vining plants

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Vining plants are a trend we’re seeing all over Instagram and Pinterest – and for good reason. They bring life and colour to any space, and blend seamlessly with any style of décor. Be careful though, as not all vining plants are pet friendly. Try some of these options: 

String of Hearts: Beautiful and pet friendly, the String of Hearts plant has leaves that are shaped like hearts that cascade over the side, are fast growing and tolerate lower light.

String of Turtles: Similar to the String of Hearts, this plant’s leaves resemble small turtle shells that will cascade and trail, adding a visual interest to any space it’s placed it. 

Devil’s Ivy: A vining plant that’s vibrant and green that grows quickly and doesn’t require too much sunlight – perfect for any apartment looking to add some draping greenery to their space. 

Pothos: Hello, propagation lovers! Pothos is probably one of the most popular vining plants for a few reasons: They grow quickly, there are a few different types to choose from and they’re extremely easy to propagate – meaning you can clip nodes from your existing pothos and re-plant them to create some more – and even share the love with your family and friends!

Monstera Adonsonii: Or, “Swiss Cheese Plant” due to the nature of the holes in the leaves, this plant is sure to add a tropical feel to any space, without adding any danger for your pets.  

Flowering plants

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When it comes to pets and flowering plants, they can sometimes be tricky to navigate for a couple reasons: They look good and they smell nice. This is serious grounds for biting or eating action from your furry friend. Whenever you decide to pick up your next flowering plant, consider some of these options to be on the safe side: 

African Violet: Vibrant and violet, these flowers will not disappoint. Place them in a room with indirect sunlight and they’ll bloom beautifully for you, year-round. 

Gloxinia: Growing in a whole range of colours, these large blooming flowers prefer to stay damp. Keep them happy and they’ll brighten up your apartment with their bold colours and interesting looking flowers. 

Orchid: Easier to take care of than people give them credit for, orchids are the perfect plant to add elegance to any space. Available in more colours and patterns than we can count, you won’t be disappointed with this plant that’s both beautiful to look at and completely pet friendly! Note: Be patient if the flowers fall off and it doesn’t bloom again for a while. As long as the plant is healthy, it’ll come back in full force when it’s ready.

Succulents and cacti 

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Succulents and cacti are the perfect house warming gift! They’re cute, small and come in a variety of shapes, colours and textures. Not all succulents and cacti are pet friendly though, so if you’re looking for the perfect one for your home or to gift to a friend, consider some of these pet-friendlier options: 

Blue Echeveria: This succulent looks like a blooming flower and makes the perfect work from home desk décor. 

Holiday Cacti: A green cactus that blooms the cutest pink flowers, a holiday cacti looks interesting and its vibrant colours will be a hit in every room. 

Dragon Fruit: Did you know that dragon fruit actually grows on a cactus? Now you do! Try to grow this plant from seeds next time you’re eating a dragon fruit and create a plant that’s fun to watch grow and non-toxic for your pet friends. 

Burro’s Tail: A succulent that also can cascade, hang it up in a basket and watch it grow. Place it near a window that receives partial shade throughout the day and you should have a thriving plant. 

Zebra Haworthia: One of the more popular succulents you’ll run into. Extremely low-maintenance and highly photogenic, this plant will fit into any décor style.  

Unique plants

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If you’re looking for something a little bit different to add to your space but want to ensure the safety of your pet friends, look no further. These options are fun and unique: 

Venus Flytrap: One of the most iconic exotic plants is definitely the Venus Flytrap. This carnivorous plant not only looks cool but also will trap and eat bugs that fly into your home. It’s low maintenance and completely pet friendly – who knew? 

Chenille Plant: This plant will definitely have your kittens jumping and swiping at the pink fuzzy flowers. It will perform best when given full sun and kept slightly moist. 

Lipstick Plant: Known for looking like a bunch of tubes of growing lipstick, this plant thrives when placed in a window sill or hanging in a basket in a bright location. 

Whether you’re looking to add a unique talking piece to your space or simply add a hit of greenery to your apartment, make sure your furry friend stays safe. There are tons of plant identifying apps available to you, so if you’re ever unsure if the plant you’ve purchased is safe, snap a pic with an app to identify it, see if it’s pet safe, place it wherever its care instructions advise, or find a spot somewhere your pet can’t get to it, like a hanging basket or on a high shelf out of any curious cat’s way.

Don’t forget – in the warmer months, green up your outdoor space with your indoor plants. Some of them would love to get outside and stretch their leaves while they can. 

If you have a pet friendly apartment plant collection you love, snap a picture of it and tag us on Instagram. We’ll be happy to share it with all of our other plant lovers out there!