brick building with a pink door and two different green doors

What your front door colour says about you

LIVE brighter | 8 MIN READ | 2019-07-22

We know colour can set the tone of a room and even play with your emotions, so it makes a lot of sense that we spend so much time deliberating over just the right shade of white or whether or not to paint a bold colour on an accent wall. 

When it comes to painting your front door, we may think we’re playing it safe with black or choosing a pretty colour that matches the exterior. But what you may not realize is just how much the one you choose says about your personality. After all, this is the first impression anyone driving by, visiting or google street-viewing your home will have – so what do you want it to say? Let’s find out. 

What colour should your front door be?

white house with yellow door

Image Credit: HGTV

Before we get into the statement each colour makes, let’s take a little quiz (or two) to see what colour your front door should be based on your answers. 

  • This one from Houzz asks thought-provoking questions, like what your perfect evening at home looks like, what your spirit animal is and how your friends would best describe you, to get to the bottom of your true personality. It only takes a couple of minutes and it’s fun to see what colour your answers generate (ours was blue!). 
  • And this one from HGTV asks you to choose the accessories and HGTV stars that most align with your current tastes. This time around, our door colour suggestion was red!

No matter what a quiz tells you, you should always go with what makes you happiest – and if that means bright green instead of dark grey, we say go for it.

Now let’s dive in. For the following breakdown of the most popular colours, we consulted House Beautiful (who worked directly with Pantone), Southern Living, Good Housekeeping, The Spruce, My Domaine and to find out just what your choice of front door colour can suggest about the type of person you are. 


brick house with black front door colour

Darker colours like black or blue black are a go-to for many reasons: they’re fail-safe, classic, go with most exteriors – whether red brick, stained wood or white siding – and tend to say “safe and well-protected”. Choosing one of these colours gives off these impressions about who lives in your home:





A hint of mystery

Glamorous (especially if the veneer is shiny and paired with brass hardware)




Does this sound like you? Do you favour crisp button-downs and structure over flowy and loosey-goosey? Then black or blue black is your bff.

Of course, even a traditional black door can have a playful tone if your exterior siding is colourful or you add a quirky door knocker.

Paint suggestion: Farrow & Ball Railings 

Finish: High gloss for more traditional, eggshell for a more relaxed feel.


blue house with lots of greenery and a red front door

Red definitely makes a statement! While this is a conventional colour no matter what hue you choose – whether deep ruby, cherry or orange-y – you’re giving the impression that your home is a welcoming place with a hint of personality. It also says this:




Like to entertain


Lucky (if facing south or southwest, according to feng shui philosophy)




Are your shelves lined with history books and the latest non-fiction? Do you have a bar cart stocked at the ready, just in case visitors drop in? We think a red door is in your future. 

Paint suggestion: Benjamin Moore Tomato Red


red brick house with white windows and a yellow door

It’s not surprising that a yellow door tells the world you’re a happy, content person. How could you not be with such a cheerful entrance? Add a welcome mat and a potted plant and ta-da! – you’ve got yourself the most inviting home on the block with minimal décor. Here’s what a yellow door will say about you:









Are you a morning person who lives in the moment no matter the time of day? Is your interior décor sunny and cheerful? Why isn’t your door yellow already?

Keep in mind that while this colour certainly makes an impression, suggests using it as a spot colour against a darker home, rather than covering the whole house – which can be an indicator of irrationality and anxiety. 

Paint suggestions: Valspar Full Sun or Benjamin Moore Sunshine


white house with blue shutters and front door

Blue is connected to the water element in feng shui and instantly gives off a feeling of serenity. Navy blue is seen as more traditional and decisive, while lighter blues evoke calm farmhouse vibes or seaside retreats, especially when they’re against white shiplap or cedar shingle siding. This is what a blue door says about you:









Is your home filled with family heirlooms and collected joy? Do you love having visitors? Paint your door any shade of blue and you’ll give off the impression that you’ve got a pot of tea on and all you need is someone to knock.


cedar shake house with white door and pink shutters

White is a universally appealing colour and without a doubt one of the safest choices when it comes to painting your front door. If you’re not feeling orange, blue or red, there’s nothing saying a beautiful white door won’t make a statement of its own. In fact, it says the people who live in your home are:








Do you lean toward Scandinavian design? Is cleanliness key (let’s be honest) and things around you must be neat at all times? That’s totally okay – you can’t go wrong with a classic white door that gleams against a darker home (and works just as well white-on-white). Keep in mind though, that a “too perfect” home may give off an intimidating vibe – intentional or not. So feel free to add colour with your window shutters or plants near your entrance. 

Paint suggestion: Benjamin Moore Decorator’s White


grey house with grey door and white accents

If you feel most at home in neutral territory, grey is an excellent choice. Not quite black, not quite white – just right. This is a shade that will never go out of style. And we have a feeling, neither will you. This is the story your grey door will tell:







Do you err on the side of caution? Is your closet full of neutrals, like taupe, white and black? A warm grey door might be the perfect impression you’d like to give those passing by.


green front door with blank accents

One of the most popular colours in Britain, this colour signifies wealth, prosperity and good health. Could this be the colour that makes your neighbours green with envy? It will if these personality traits sound like you:

Easy going

Close to family


Seek security







Do you love to garden? Are your family and the community the most important things to you? A rich or happy green might be just right. Too neutral and it may come off as a bit bland.

Paint suggestions: Benjamin Moore Kelly Green or go brighter with Apple Green 


white house with light orange front door

Image Credit: Southern Living

Orange really is the new black, and when this colour is paired with a traditional exterior, your home will exude taste and sophistication. This is a shade that says you’re not afraid to take chances, and that your style tends to be right on trend. It also says this about you:

Warm personality


Reliable friend

Full of surprises

One-of-a-kind style 



Are you the party planner in your group? Are you up for anything and would rather a spontaneous night out over a plotted out calendar? We think we’ve found your colour.

Paint suggestion: Benjamin Moore Autumn Cover 

While there’s no real scientific proof behind colour choice, some do suggest that people are more attracted to colours that reflect their own personality – and believe it or not, that can actually affect the sale of your home. No matter if you’re buying or selling or staying put, paint is an easy thing to update and change out. So if you’re on the fence, why not give a colour you’re considering a try? If it doesn’t feel like “you”, then it probably isn’t.