Meet the Nyhoffs

Nyhoff Architecture, founded by Kevin Nyhoff and Mairi Nyhoff, is an award-winning architecture firm in Calgary that was instrumental in the design of The Annex. The team leads its clients through a collaborative process that draws upon the collective experience of the firm’s team members to creative thoughtful, creative and sustainable design solutions that capture the potential of each project. Some of their past projects include the Haskayne Legacy Park Pavilion, King Edward Arts Hub, Legislative of Alberta Assembly gift shop, Royal Alberta Museum gift shop, St. Louis Hotel, Urban Systems and Willow Ridge Community Association.

Keep reading to learn more about Kevin and Mairi, their inspiration behind The Annex and their favourite spots in Kensington.

Modern shelving examples. Meet the Nyhoff's and Nyhoff Architecture, the design team behind The Annex.

What were your backgrounds prior to launching Nyhoff Architecture, and what was your vision for the company?

We met at Dalhousie University and eventually worked at the same design firm in Portland, Oregon. We designed several projects together and decided we wanted to establish our own firm, which would focus on great design. We liked what was happening in Calgary and everything it had to offer—a two-year plan has turned into nine years, and we have not looked back.

Why is collaboration such an important part of your design process, and what did that look like for The Annex?

We believe that the best ideas come from a variety of perspectives, and collaboration was everything when it came to The Annex. Working with the Minto team was terrific. Together, we were fully immersed in the process and created a project that we are all very proud of.

How does The Annex complement and enhance the Kensington community?

Like Kensington, The Annex is unique. It is pedestrian-oriented, simple, quiet, cool and timeless. Significant attention was placed on the connection and interaction of the building, with both the street and the lane building upon the goals of the Bow to Bluff initiative. Where did you seek inspiration when designing The Annex? We were inspired by the character and grit of the Bowery District in New York, the balconies of the warehouse loft conversions in Chicago, and the scale and design sensitivity of the Pearl District in Portland.

Which of The Annex’s finishes best describes your own personal style? (Industrial, Mid-Mod or Urban)

This is a challenging question since we love all three palettes. Everyone on our team at the office struggles to pick their personal favourite, which we think is a good thing and a sign of success.

What are your favourite places to visit in Kensington?

Community Foods for Sidewalk Citizen Bread, Kensington Wine Market, Peasant Cheese Shop, Menyatai Japanese Noodles and of course, Crave Cupcakes!

To see the Nyhoffs’ thoughtful design at work, browse The Annex’s features and floor plans.

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