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Buying a new home should be one of the most enjoyable events of your life. At Minto, we call upon our vast expertise – over half a century of building and more than 70,000 satisfied homeowners – to enhance your new home buying experience. Our MasterCareSM program will make everything about owning your new home thoroughly enjoyable, and give you the peace of mind of knowing that Minto will be there not just when you purchase, but long after you've moved in.

MasterCare begins with Minto professionals who are on-hand to support you each step of the way – before, during and after construction. They will provide you with regular updates, respond to your needs and follow-up with you after you move in to assure your ongoing satisfaction. It is important that you meet one-on-one with your MasterCare  representative and attend our complimentary homeownership classes which offer valuable information on your new home.

Our goal is to provide you with an exceptional experience by keeping you well informed and delivering on our commitments. This has distinguished Minto for more than half a century. Minto creates better places to inspire life.

MasterCareSM 10-Step Quality Assurance Program

1. Meet Your Builder: After signing your purchase
agreement and completing your design selections, you’ll
have the opportunity to attend an orientation and meet
your Minto representative who will educate and
involve you in the creation of your new home. 

2. Quality Assurance (QA) Checks: Minto performs a
series of QA checks throughout the construction of your
home to ensure that all aspects of construction are in
order, that your selections are properly installed, and that
your home meets Minto QualitySM standards.

3. How We Build: Your Minto representative
will meet with you to review your design selections and
the structural and mechanical systems of your new home,
and show you the quality construction and attention to
detail behind the walls prior to drywall installation.

4. New Home Celebration: Prior to closing, your
Minto representative will demonstrate the features
of your new home and offer useful maintenance tips.

5. Closing Day Celebration: Congratulations! Today we
present you with the keys to your brand new home.

6. Homeowner Education: Minto provides opportunities
for you to learn about homeownership and your new home.

Homeowner's Handbook: A comprehensive guide
on the maintenance and warranties of your new home.

Home Maintenance Seminar: Learn how to properly
maintain your new Minto home to ensure peak
performance in each and every aspect.

7. Quick Response: MasterCare provides emergency
service for those after-hour situations that might arise
unexpectedly, so rest assured you can always enjoy
complete peace of mind in your new Minto home.

8. Move-In Visit: Within one month after closing, once
you’re comfortably settled into your new Minto home,
your Minto representative will arrange a visit to provide
answers to any questions, ensure your new Minto home
is fully performing to expectations, and provide
maintenance tips for your convenience.

9. Mid-Year Visit: We’ll visit your home and conduct a
complimentary maintenance check-up. Our technician
will answer any questions you may have regarding
upkeep and maintenance.

10.Year-End Visit: At the end of your first year of
ownership, we’ll conduct another walk-through of
your home and provide maintenance tips, reminders
and suggestions.

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