Marketing Strategies


Performance of real estate is largely contingent upon achieving the highest and best use of the asset. Dramatic social and economic reform fueled by technological advances consistently change the way we live and work. Property owners, amongst the first to feel the impact of these changes, must ensure that their product is poised correctly to take advantage of the opportunities being generated.

Minto’s Marketing Strategies group in Ottawa creates customized marketing plans to direct the commercial leasing program towards positive results. Proactive by design and innovative in nature, the Minto Marketing Strategy provides the owner with a realistic solution to the property's problems and challenges.

Marketing solutions are the result of a "team" approach which begins at the onset with a 'Performance Analysis' of the property. The 'PA' measures the property performance in a leasing perspective against the competition, making recommendations that focus on a number of areas from physical changes to the financial impact of lease re-structuring.

Maximum performance of the real estate asset begins with the right marketing strategy.

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