Leasing Services


Most leasing professionals make it their business to understand and stay on top of changing market conditions, but few are able to recognize trends before they happen. The Ottawa Minto Commercial Properties leasing team stays ahead of others by combining this kind of market awareness with a wealth of technical know-how and creativity.

Drawing upon the strength of irreplaceable experience in all facets of commercial leasing, the Minto Properties team in Ottawa is driven by an inherent ambition to be more than just 'deal makers.' Trained by property owners, to think like an owner, the Leasing Services group 'value analyses' each business deal to ensure maximum return to the owner.

Recognizing that landlord / tenant relationships only just begin with an executed lease, the Minto Properties Ottawa leasing administrators are charged with the responsibility of capturing the spirit of the deal while ensuring compliance by all parties throughout the entire legal relationship.

Guided by proactive marketing strategies, the leasing team achieves positive results. Increasing cash flow to the property owner, which is best realized through renewal of existing leases and attraction of new tenants, is fundamental to the mandate of Minto Properties Inc.

If you require additional information, please contact our office in Ottawa at 613.786.3000, in Toronto at 416.977.0777 or e-mail at [email protected].

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