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Meditation techniques to try at home

LIVE healthier | 2020-07-02

Let’s be honest, these are crazy times – and chances are you may be experiencing stress and anxiety. It’s important to remember that these feelings are completely normal and temporary. Repeat after us: “This too shall pass”. 

But in the meantime, if you find yourself having a difficult time coping, there are a few ways you can try to put your mind at ease from the comfort of your apartment. Check out these five meditation techniques that will assist in clearing your mind and helping you focus on the bright future ahead. 

Mindfulness meditation

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Known as one of the most popular meditation techniques in the western world, mindfulness meditation is ideal for those with a busy mind (work-from-home crew, anyone)? Adapted from Buddhist monks, this type of meditation requires you to zone in and focus on your thoughts.

Here’s what to do:

  • Find a space in your home you feel most relaxed in, and if you find yourself having difficulty focusing, pick an item in your space that you can direct your attention toward.
  • Once you’ve found your perfect Zen, focus in on your thoughts. It’s crucial that you observe your thoughts and take note of them as they arise in your mind, rather than judging them, becoming involved with them or criticizing yourself for “not being able to do it”.
  • To help guide you, have a look at the top 12 meditation apps for 2020. You’re sure to find one that’s right for you.
  • Tip: There’s no specific amount of time that’s perfect for everyone. Do what you feel is right for you, and if you can only manage five minutes, then five minutes is perfect. Remember that meditation is intended for relaxation, so don’t stress about it!

Movement meditation

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We’re not just talking about yoga here! Movement meditation involves any form of movement that brings your body peace and allows your mind to wander freely. This could be anything from painting in your home, gardening or taking a walk around your neighbourhood. Any kind of gentle movement is perfect this type of meditation.

Tip: Take this time for yourself. We all love our friends and family, but mediation is an activity that allows you to focus in on your inner being. Try it when you have some time alone and just let yourself be with your thoughts. 

Spiritual Meditation

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Spiritual meditation is popular on the eastern side of the planet and allows you to sit in silence and seek a deeper connection with the things around you – whether it be religion or universe based. Set up a space in your home where you feel connected with nature, surround yourself with greenery and focus on your breathing. 

Spiritual meditation often involves essential oils that are used to heighten your spiritual experience, so in addition to relaxing your mind, you’re also filling your home with relaxing scents to give your space the ultimate feeling of calm. 

Tip: Essential oils to use for this type of meditation are earthier scents like cedar, sandalwood and sage. 

Focused meditation

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This one can be a little tricky and requires some practice, however, those who practice it regularly find it a helpful way to calm their minds and focus in on what’s important in their lives. 

When practicing focused meditation, you’re zoning in on your thoughts through any of your five senses. While this seems basic in theory, naturally your mind would like to wander, especially if you’re experiencing stress or anxiety. 

Here’s what to do:

  • Choose somewhere in your home where you feel you can stay focused with little distraction.
  • Then, zone in on one of your senses. For example, hold a string of beads and count them with your eyes closed, focusing on nothing except counting the beads. You could also try listening to a gong that’s used for meditation, like this one.
  • Tip: If you’re new to this type of meditation, your mind is going to naturally wander. That’s okay! Don’t be too hard on yourself – and remember, practice makes perfect! If you find your mind trailing off, take a deep breath, re-center your focus and try again. 

Mantra meditation

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For those who aren’t comfortable with total silence, mantra meditation is a practice used frequently in many different types of meditation teachings as well as yoga. You’ll need to pick somewhere in your home where you can get a little noisy. 

It’s fairly simple:

  • Pick a repetitive sound you’d like to make to help clear your mind. This doesn’t have to specifically be the popular “Om”, but could be any variation of a word, sentence, phrase or sound.
  • Choose one that works for you and stick to it. Repeat it at whatever volume you’d like until you feel you’ve found some inner peace and have cleared your mind.
  • Again, remember that there is no set amount of time for any type of meditation – you just need to find what feels right for you.
  • Tip: It may feel silly at first, but once you get into your rhythm you may find yourself enjoying it quite a bit. The human mind likes structure and order naturally, and this repetition is pleasing to your mind and will allow you to focus while not sitting in total silence. 

Meditation is practiced all over the world to lower blood pressure, reduce anxiety, decrease pain, ease depression and improve sleep – and the great thing is it’s something you can do from the comfort of your home without judgment.

It’s important that you exercise your mind just as you’d exercise your body. It needs time to relax after a long day of working – and right now, nothing could be better than letting your mind find peace to focus on all the good things to come in the future.