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5 best workouts to do at home

LIVE healthier | 5 MIN READ | 2020-04-20

Are your favourite ways of staying fit and getting your energy out temporarily closed? Do you have a weekly fitness class you’re missing or are you feeling antsy being at home all day? 

While it isn’t easy to replace the equipment and camaraderie of your favourite gym, studio or boot camp, there are lots of options and resources available for you in your own home!

Staying inside all day isn’t easy and it can be hard to get motivated when it comes to working up a sweat. Here are five effective workouts to try in a small space that will have you feeling like you’re back at the gym in no time (and ready to go back when you can).

May I have this dance? 

little girl dancing in the living room

Dance classes are a fun way to learn, improve and practice your move-busting skills. You’ll also be getting a great cardio workout in, and may develop some bragging rights while on your next Zoom call with friends.  

While we’re staying home, now’s the time to take advantage of the online classes offered through a variety of websites. While some require a membership, there are often free trials available that give you a chance to figure out if dancing as a workout is for you. 

Check out this site for an array of styles that won’t break the bank. 

Don’t forget to also check in with your local dance studios to see if they’re offering live classes directly from their studio! 

Do you like to H.I.I.T the gym hard? 

girl working out on floor at home

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is a growing phenomenon that’s super easy to do at home. This training technique allows you to get a full body workout through quick, intense bursts of exercise, followed by brief recovery periods. It can be pretty tough at times, but it’s definitely worth giving it a try! 

There are a number of HIIT workouts available online and YouTube is one of the best sources.

Athlean-X is a verified professional athlete-training YouTube account that has many videos that take you through HIIT workouts. Take a look at one of our favourite training sessions to see what they offer.

o These workouts are intense, free and can fit into anyone’s “busy” schedule – no equipment necessary!  

If you’re looking to get the kids involved with some of these workouts, trainer Joe Wick has a YouTube channel dedicated to children’s HIIT workouts – take a look here. Fun for the whole family!

Dreaming of lean

woman working out on floor with baby

If going for a run is getting boring, you may want to consider online Pilates, barre or Zumba classes. Why not even try getting your sweat on together with your friends on a Zoom call? That’s one great way to stay connected while staying home.

Similar to HIIT, there are a number of these cardio workouts available for free on YouTube and Instagram. Check out POPSUGAR Fitness’ verified YouTube account, featuring hundreds of different cardio workouts to try – some involving partners and kids. 

If you’re dreaming of getting fit fast, check out Kit Rich’s (Jennifer Lawrence’s fitness trainer) YouTube channel for a number of workouts that vary in intensity, with the goal to keep your heart pumping.

Boot it to boot camp

weights and jump rope lying on the floor

Do you miss the immersive experience of being in a boot camp? They’re an effective and fun way to get your workout in while training multiple parts of your body through cardio. 

Why not enlist yourself in the Aarmy on Instagram! @Aarmy streams live every morning with cycle boot camps you can do if you have a stationary bike. Get your fitness in gear with this intense daily class right at home.  

Gymondo also offers a month-long free trial of their boot camps, HIIT classes and yoga. Check out what they offer here

Nama-stay (home)

girl doing yoga pose with bunny on her stomach

Online yoga classes have been on the upward (facing cobra) trend for a while now. In addition to being great exercise, yoga is also helpful for stress relief, pain relief and weight loss. 

It’s definitely worth it to see if your favourite studio is broadcasting their yoga sessions live – but if not, we’ve got you covered.

Check out Core Power Yoga’s YouTube channel for basic yoga classes that are free and doable for the whole family staying in together. 

Famous Texas Yogi, Adriene Mishler, is also posting many helpful videos on her YouTube channel that specialize in stress relief and relief of aches and pains. Take a look at her channel here and get your Zen on! 

Whether you’re looking to develop a new skill, improve your cardio, sweat with high-intensity or relieve stress, there are many free options and resources available for you online that are worth a try while you’re isolating at home. 

Remember to check out updates from your local gyms and studios to help support them while they’re closed. Set goals for yourself and ensure you’re working out in a safe environment that won’t result in injury. Most of all, have fun and stay well. 

What’s your favourite workout? Let us know here. Stay healthy and happy exercising!