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10 ways to decorate your home for wellbeing

LIVE healthier | 5 MIN READ | 2022-03-08

We have been spending more time at home now, than ever before. The look and feel of your home can greatly impact your health and mental wellbeing when you spend a majority of your day either in the home office or in the bedroom. From simplifying your kitchen design to choosing the right office furniture, let’s take a look at a few ways in which we can boost wellness in our homes.

1. Find a trademark fragrance

Fragrance diffuser on a table

Invest time in finding the scent that you love, in the form of a diffuser, room spray, incense, or candle, and let it permeate through your home to bring in a sense of comfort and peace. Every time you come back home from running errands, you will be welcomed with the warm feeling of home.

2. Pay special attention to your entrance 

Front entrance of home with red rug and wooden front door

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Your entrance is the first thing you see every time you step into your home, so you want to decorate it in a way that will promote relaxation, wellness and health. Start by encouraging people to take their shoes off in the hallway to avoid bringing the outside in (think germs, dirt and who knows what) and fill the space with fresh flowers and bright colours to boost your mood. If you’re interested in Feng Shui, avoid placing a mirror opposite your front door and add a few crystals for good energy.

3. Fine-tune your bedroom 

bed with art piece hanging above it

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The way you choose to decorate your bedroom is important given you spend about 1/3 of your day there relaxing and recovering. While you need a good mattress and proper temperature for sleep (between 60 and 67 degrees Fahrenheit/16 and 19 degrees Celsius), air quality is even more important for your wellness. If you can, stay away from synthetic carpets that off-gas and opt for solid hardwood floors with natural fibre rugs. You also might want to switch to detergents without artificial fragrances to wash linens and invest in a good air purifier, especially if you suffer from allergies.

4. Sort out the clutter

Clean apartment

We accumulate mess slowly, and as it continues to grow, so does the mental weight of knowing that it’s there. When you break down large chores into small tasks you can accomplish in under 15 minutes, decluttering can become a fun project. Need some decluttering inspiration? Check out our blog post on the KonMari method by Marie-Kondo.

5. Be smart with kitchen design 

Kitchen with an island and a plant

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Even though it’s one of the most important rooms in a house, the kitchen is often designed without considering healthy eating and quick meal prep. Consider designing a few different work zones (cleaning, cooking, refrigeration, extra appliance zone…) to allow you to be efficient and organized in the kitchen and minimize unnecessary clutter.

6. Carve out a healthy corner 

Pink reading chair placed in the corner of a living room next to a white book case

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Since relaxation and exercise are two of the most important elements when it comes to wellness, make sure to carve out some space that will be dedicated to these activities. A space for a yoga mat or a few free weights will give you everything you need for a morning workout or even a quick moment of mindfulness and meditation. You can also introduce a cozy chair for reading, a practical side table for your books and tea, and a warm throw for added comfort. These wellness corners are easy to design yet they do a lot for your health.

7. Invest in ergonomic furniture 

Desk with furry desk chair and white surrounding book cases

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Sitting too much is one of the most harmful things for your body and it can cause many health complications – from cardiovascular issues to obesity. So, be sure to get active and invest in high-quality ergonomic furniture. Consider a standing desk for your home office, an adjustable chair and a good footrest to give yourself an opportunity to change position as your work and get proper rest and support for your neck, back and legs.

8. Boost the presence of nature 

Circular mirror and plants

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Natural materials can have a huge effect on human health. The presence of nature usually makes people feel more relaxed, balanced and more likely to perform good self-care. You don’t need to cover your entire home in wood and fill it with plants in order to live greener. A few natural textiles like wool and linen, some wooden decoration and one or two potted plants are all you need to feel closer to nature.

9. Reduce noise 

White cabinet with a black radio on it

You might be used to traffic noises, honking, and your neighbours throwing a party, but your brain will never completely learn how to ignore those sounds. This means that every time you hear a loud brake noise or a lawn being mowed, it will raise your stress and anxiety levels. So, think about ways to soundproof your house, invest in good acoustic insulation and buy a white noise machine for your bedroom that will drown out any unwanted, sudden noise pollution. 

10. Play around with a soft colour palette

Soft colour palette

Create a clean base by using neutral or soft hues. Light, neutral colors make the space seem airy, expansive, and pulled-together. This also allows you to experiment with decor and furniture. All these pros plus the serene vibe? We are here for it.

All of the tips mentioned above are some of the most important decorative elements to pay attention to, but they’re certainly not the only ones. Even if you opt for just a few of them, you’re likely to boost wellness and happiness in your home – and make every member of your household feel safe and relaxed.