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Life @ Minto: Prioritizing and Investing in Employee Health and Well-being

LIVE Minto | 4 MIN READ | 2024-04-25

It’s no surprise that mental health has taken on increased importance in recent years. Stressors such as job loss, health risks, caregiving responsibilities, and adjustments to remote or hybrid work life, have made it harder for workers everywhere to stay mentally healthy. 

Over the past year few years, Minto has made strides in prioritizing workplace health and well-being by introducing the following initiatives:

1. Increased Benefits for Psychological Services


In June 2022, we increased our psychological services benefits from $1,500 to $3,000 per employee with expenses being reimbursed at 100% vs. the previous rate of 85%. This provides the additional support employees* may need as they continue to navigate life post-pandemic, helping them be their happiest and healthiest selves.

*non-unionized employees

2. A One-stop Shop Portal for Well-being

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Minto employees now have access to a one-stop-shop for well-being via the company Intranet where they can find health, dental, and vision benefits coverage resources, as well as access to Lifespeak and LifeWorks, the Employee and Family Assistance Programs (EFAP), Telemedicine, tips for financial health and social well-being, and health and fitness articles.

3. Access to Wellness-Related Training


We recently introduced new wellness-related training offerings for employees including content on building personal resilience and workplace inclusion, as well as management training on mental health leader training programs.

4. Building Social Connections


At Minto, we believe fostering social connections through community events and gatherings is a big driver of employee engagement and contributes significantly to employee well-being. We invest in team events, office and off-site activities, and find ways for employees to give back through our annual Seasons of Giving  and other charitable events.

5. Mental Health Leadership Certificate

People Managers have the opportunity to enroll in Mental Health Leadership certificate training offered by Lifeworks/ Queen’s University to learn techniques on:

  • How to set clear limits for work, family, and self-care.
  • The importance of maintaining their mental health and promoting a healthy workplace.
  • Coaching for early intervention.
  • How to have supportive conversations with employees returning to work.

6. Parents @ Minto: Parental Leave Program

We believe parents should feel comfortable taking time off work when a new child comes into their care. In support of this life-changing event, Minto offers a maternity and parental leave top-up program which aims to further bridge the financial gap beyond the government-funded maternity and/or parental benefits. As part of this, Minto pays a weekly amount equivalent to 90% of the employee’s salary. Employees are also able to receive access to their benefits and continue to contribute to their retirement savings plan during their leave of absence.

Want to learn more about what it’s like to work for a company that cares about the health and well-being of their employees? Visit our Careers page to learn more and explore our current career opportunities!