Girl scrolling on her phone

6 reasons we love 1VALET

Have you heard of 1VALET? We're excited to be partnering with them and bringing their innovative technology to our properties, both new and old. Take a look at 6 reasons why we love 1VALET at our properties [...]

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Colourful apartment balconies

10 great reasons to rent right now

Looking to change up where you live and wondering if renting is right for your lifestyle? Check out this list we’ve pulled together with 10 great reasons why renting is a good idea right now […]

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Moving truck with trees behind it

What it's like to move during a pandemic

Looking to pack up and move but not sure what that might look like right now? You’re not alone. In this post, an Ottawa local leases a new apartment in Midtown Toronto and shares her experience moving during the coronavirus pandemic […]

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pink book that says A little space to be creative

10 creative ways to give everyone their space

Sharing an apartment with roommates to save on costs? While the entire world is quarantining, personal space is definitely harder to come by. We’ve got 10 creative ways to give everyone their space (in an apartment of any size) – so you don’t have to give up every square inch of your privacy […]

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Plant in window with partly open curtains

5 quick tips to soundproof your apartment

Can you hear your neighbour’s music, conversations in the hallway, or cars honking outside your window? We can all agree these are unwanted (and annoying) sounds. Here are 5 quick ways to reduce noise in your apartment today […]

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girl sitting on counter in a small kitchen eating pizza

10 small space living Instagram accounts to follow

Sometimes all we need is a bit of inspiration (especially if we’re apartment dwellers with limited space). And what’s a better source for inspiration than Instagram? We’ve searched through this beautifully eye-catching social media platform to round-up the 10 best small space living accounts to follow for décor inspo, small space hacks, and more […]

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small apartment with white fluffy carpet and beige sofa

12 tips for decorating a small apartment

A bit stumped on how to decorate your small space? Whether you just moved in or you’re square footage challenged, we’ve got 12 small apartment décor tips to spark inspiration in every room (including bachelor and studio apartments) – and make it feel more like home […]

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outdoor pool with white hydrangeas around it

8 apartment amenities that make life that much better

One of the best things about renting an apartment? The amenities, of course! Having access to extra features that you’d otherwise have to pay a premium for, is all kinds of amazing. Though not all buildings are created equal, here’s a list of 8 amenities that make rental life that much better [...]

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White couch with furry pillows and pink blanket

Our 4-step guide to decorating your first apartment

With 48 apartment buildings in cities across Canada, you could say we know a thing or two about setting up your first place. From artwork to furniture to everything in between, our handy guide will help you plan what you need to decorate it just so – and make the most of your square footage (and budget) [...]

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two mature adults toasting in kitchen

The upside to downsizing

Thinking it’s time to move on from a larger home to more compact living? We’re here to help! Downsizing doesn’t have to be stressful – it can be downright joyful. Read on to find out how […]

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