Monica and Friends at the table in her apartment

10 décor tips inspired by Monica Geller’s apartment

From her iconic purple walls to her well-organized kitchen, we can all draw a little creative inspiration and small space living tips from Monica Geller’s whimsical Brooklyn pad. We’ll be there for you with these 10 apartment décor tips inspired by one of the greatest TV shows of all time – Friends […]

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young couple sitting on their small balcony

Small balcony decor ideas and inspiration

This year more than ever, we think it’s worth it to invest in transforming your outdoor area into a cute and cozy oasis. Here’s the thing – you don’t need a big balcony or backyard to create a space you love, even the smallest nooks have huge potential! Read on for 10 steps to create the outdoor space of your dreams […]

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Record player playing La La Land with plant and lamp beside

4 ways to incorporate music into your apartment

Incorporating your musical interests into the décor of your apartment could be just the thing to brighten your mood. Whether you’re dedicated to playing a specific instrument or just love playing and collecting albums, you’ll want to take a look at these 4 ways to create the ultimate playing and listening experience.

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kitchen counter with pink flowers on it

15 apartment kitchen space-saving hacks

If your apartment kitchen is lacking the space you need to just get organized, this post is for you. We share our 15 best space-saving hacks – so you can organize, save space, and love your cute, little kitchen all day long […]

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beverage station setup on stacked suitecases

Step-by-step guide for creating a hot beverage bar at home

No matter what your hot beverage of choice is, there’s no doubt that a little at-home drink station is not only cute but super practical (not to mention will save you money). If you don’t have a ton of counter space in your apartment, don’t fret. Here’s a step-by-step guide to creating the hot beverage bar of your dreams (whether your space is big or small) […]

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Books arranged by colour

10 tips we learned from The Home Edit about organization

The Home Edit – a new show on Netflix – is all the rage these days. Not surprising, since it’s all about organizing your home beautifully (and who doesn’t love that?)! We tuned in and recorded our top takeaways from this fun, energetic show. Here are the 10 things we learned about home organization from The Home Edit […]

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Laptop and desk

Tips to carve out space for a small home office

Working or schooling from home can be a challenge in the best of times, but throw in a pandemic and it’s a whole new ballgame – especially if you live in a smaller space. No office? No problem. Here’s our top tips on how to carve out a dedicated workspace that lets you focus on the task at hand […]

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Pink yoga mat and weight

How to create a home gym in a small space

Can we just put it out there and say that 2020 has been anything but kind to us? As we narrow in on the last few months of this crazy year, we’re reminded that the one thing we can do is be kind to ourselves. We’ve got lots of great tips to help turn even the smallest space into a home gym – and put your self-care back on track [...]

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big white comfy looking bed with blue accent pillows

How to make your bed luxurious on a budget

There’s no question, we’re spending a lot more time in bed these days (sleeping in, working, watching TV…). And when you live in a smaller space, having a comfortable bedroom is essential. So we thought: How can we make up a luxurious, hotel-like bed on a budget? It’s easier than one might think […]

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pink book that says A little space to be creative

10 creative ways to give everyone their space

Sharing an apartment with roommates to save on costs? While the entire world is quarantining, personal space is definitely harder to come by. We’ve got 10 creative ways to give everyone their space (in an apartment of any size) – so you don’t have to give up every square inch of your privacy […]

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girl sitting at dining room table with wine and a book

10 ways to embrace your home right now

Spending more time in your apartment than you ever thought you would? You’re not alone. That’s why we’re sharing 10 ways to embrace your space and create a cozy and serene sanctuary during these unsettling times. Read on for our best tips […]

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two kids in a box playing in the living room

20 small space creative projects for kids

Self-isolation can be tough – especially in small spaces with kids. If you’re an apartment dweller, you may not have an art room to paint in or driveway to colour on. Here are 20 creative isolation projects for small spaces that are sure to keep kids entertained all day long […]

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leather chair and wood coffee table with flowers on it

How to decorate your coffee table for under $100

One thing most renters have in their home? A coffee table! This living room furniture item is a useful décor staple in many households, so we’re exploring how to accessorize it on a budget. Read on for ways to decorate your coffee table for under $100 […]

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tiny bathroom with checkered tile and lots of plants

Creative storage ideas for tiny bathrooms

Is your apartment’s bathroom lacking in storage, space, or both? Organizing a tiny bathroom can be tough without storage – and in rentals, you have to get a bit more creative with temporary solutions. Read on for a ton of ideas on how to add storage to a small bathroom […]

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Baby sitting on window sill, reaching and touching moms face

Rug styling 101

Rugs have a magical way of warming up a room – in more ways than one. But let’s be honest, they’re a big investment and choosing the right one can seem downright overwhelming. Fear not! We’ve got “piles” of tips to help you up your décor game with our guide to rug styling 101 [...]

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white living room with vintage cabinet and mirror

How to decorate with thrift store finds

We love secondhand furniture! It’s affordable, filled with character, and can easily be made new again. So, how do you decorate with thrift store finds? Adding a few unique pieces here and there is a surefire way to add a personal and creative flare to your home […]

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girl sitting on counter in a small kitchen eating pizza

10 small space living Instagram accounts to follow

Sometimes all we need is a bit of inspiration (especially if we’re apartment dwellers with limited space). And what’s a better source for inspiration than Instagram? We’ve searched through this beautifully eye-catching social media platform to round-up the 10 best small space living accounts to follow for décor inspo, small space hacks, and more […]

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small apartment with white fluffy carpet and beige sofa

12 tips for decorating a small apartment

A bit stumped on how to decorate your small space? Whether you just moved in or you’re square footage challenged, we’ve got 12 small apartment décor tips to spark inspiration in every room (including bachelor and studio apartments) – and make it feel more like home […]

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White couch with furry pillows and pink blanket

Our 4-step guide to decorating your first apartment

With 48 apartment buildings in cities across Canada, you could say we know a thing or two about setting up your first place. From artwork to furniture to everything in between, our handy guide will help you plan what you need to decorate it just so – and make the most of your square footage (and budget) [...]

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A small, but decorated apartment

10 design hacks for small spaces

Don’t let a tiny home crush your design dreams. There are so many interesting ways to put together a room, no matter how big or small. Here are some clever design hacks that will help you get the most out of your space […]

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