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5 ways to bring a ‘90s vibe to your apartment

LIVE brighter | 7 MIN READ | 2021-08-24

From the saturated colours to the canopy beds, the ‘90s was truly a time to live your design dreams to the fullest. We’re here to tell you that many of these trends are making a big comeback – and here’s how you can incorporate them so your apartment is all that and a bag of chips.

Fabrics and drapery

Dog sitting in front of beaded curtain

Minimal and modern in interior design will never go out of style, but sometimes it’s more fun to give in to your ‘90s bohemian side and add some not-so-subtle nostalgia to your apartment: 

Canopy beds: The draping of sheer fabric and lights above your bed creates a dreamy and cozy look that can easily be paired with a modern feel. 

Beaded doorways: Separate a room or close off a closet with beaded curtains. These can be simple and elegant with wooden beads, all white or all black beads – or totally ‘90s in fun, unexpected colours.. Consider installing a tie back on the wall to pin them to the side when they get annoying or you’d like to make your space feel more open. 

Doorway curtains: And while we’re talking doorways, you may opt for a neutral curtain that doesn’t fight with the colour palette of your apartment. Still on ‘90s trend, but more current. This is a great way to close off a work-from-home den or add a bit of soundproofing when you need it while creating privacy.

Bright colours and prints

Leaf printed wallpaper in apartment living room

If you were (and are) a Friends fan, you know Monica’s bright purple apartment is iconic ‘90s. Consider bringing a bit of life to your space with these options: 

White countertops: If you want to instantly transform a dark kitchen into a bright and airy space, apartment dwellers will love reasonably priced options like this contact paper that can be applied and removed easily from your countertops. Way to follow the ‘90s kitchen trends!

Bold wall colours: As we mentioned, Monica’s apartment from Friends is a classic study in being brave and bold with your colour choices. Take a leap of paint and do the full room – or tiptoe into this ‘90s trend with just an accent wall to add that pop of colour. Go with primary colours like red, yellow, green and blue – oh-so ‘90s.  

Plant prints: And speaking of pops of colour your walls, consider installing a plant-print accent wall with removable wallpaper. If you’d rather not touch your walls, consider pillows, blankets, towels or other décor pieces that will add a little more ‘90s inspo to your space.  

Animal and damask prints: Animal and damask prints were really popular in the ‘90s, so consider adding a leopard or zebra-print throw pillow to bring in some fun patterns. You can never go wrong with a faux cowhide rug, either! 

Striped and other patterned wallpapers: Hello, Fresh Prince of Bel-Air! Another classic, just like the striped wallpaper trend. This would be a great addition to a small room like a powder room or as an accent wall. 

Sponge painting: Who could forget the iconic sponge painted (or decoupage) wall? Dab a wall with your favourite pastel colour to give it a fun and unique vibe that screams ‘90s.

Stenciling: There are so many different types of fairly priced stencils on the market right now that are an easy and fun way to add a bit of pattern to your walls or furniture. Pick your favourite and paint away, while channeling your inner Martha! 

Hunter green: Last but certainly not least is of course the 90’s favourite, hunter green. This jewel tone is making a huge comeback and would be a nice accent colour in any apartment. Thank you, Ralph Lauren.


Wicker chair in modern apartment

There are definitely staple furniture pieces that are truly ‘90s, so if you’re feeling nostalgic and want to include a fun addition to your living space, consider some of these options: 

Inflatable furniture: These may have been invented in the ‘60s but they truly came into their own in the ‘90s. An inflatable piece of furniture is not only super fun, you can also be very handy when you need extra seating that just deflates when you want to put it away. 

Recliner furniture: Cozy and comfortable, if you’re looking to add a piece of furniture you can sit, sleep or lounge in while playing your Nintendo 64, this might be one for you.  

Wicker and rattan furniture: Making a huge comeback is the wicker furniture trend. Light, airy and pretty to look at, wicker furniture was a huge trend in the ‘90s that will add a beautiful focal point to any space.

Wall accessories and décor 

Gallery wall with pictures and shelves

Looking to pack a visual ‘90s punch? Try some of these trends: 

Gallery wall: The gallery wall trend gives you the opportunity to display photos of memories, art you love, mirrors, clocks, vinyl album covers and anything else you can think of.

Faux plants: For those who don’t have a green thumb or an apartment with an abundance of light, faux plants may be your ticket to a greener space. There are so many realistic ones on the now, no one will know the difference.

Clothespin photo display: Cute and easy, especially now that the Polaroid camera trend is back. It’s as easy as hanging a string and putting a few clothespins on it. Clip your favourite photos, prints and anything else lightweight you’d like to see on your wall! 

Movie star lighting: This is a trend you’ll find all over TikTok – install large bulb lights on mirrors for that perfect vanity lighting. Whether you choose to buy one or are into making it yourself, it’ll add something fun to your space. 

Oversized mirrors: Place a large mirror in your entry way or bedroom to get a good look at yourself before you hit the town. 

Neon signs: What better way to show off your personality than with a cute neon sign? There are many fun ones available on Amazon or even head over to Etsy to have one created that’s uniquely yours.  

Video games and toys

Super nintendo

Lastly, what would the ‘90s be without video games and toys? It was truly the decade of the gamer and set the stage for huge advancements in consoles and toys. If you come across any of the following at a thrift store, collectables shop or eBay, it’s safe to say they’ll bring a hit of the ‘90s to your space:

Iconic video game consoles: 

Game Boy Color

Super Nintendo

Atari Jaguar

Sega Dreamcast

Nintendo 64

PlayStation I 

Iconic toys: 




Troll dolls


Beanie Babies

Pokémon Cards

The ‘90s were all about rich, jewel tones, bold patterns and expressing yourself in any way you wanted. Adding a little ‘90s décor to your apartment will bring the fun and full TBT vibes. Just don’t forget to dust off that Nintendo 64 cartridge before you invite your friends over for game night! 

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