How to Buy a New Home

How to Buy a New Home

ARTICLES | 19 MIN READ | 2019-10-31

Why buy a new house?

As an Ottawa home builder, we at Minto Communities naturally have a bias towards new homes, but when it comes to choosing between buying new or buying resale, you need to decide what makes the most sense for you and your family.

There are many differences between buying new homes and buying resale ones. Here are our 12 advantages of a newly-built home:

1. Up to date and safe

New homes are built to or above the current building code and incorporate the latest construction methods and materials, which means they’re durable, energy efficient and safe. They also feature modern layouts and exterior elevations sought by today’s families. Reputable builders like Minto Communities take into consideration the impact of the interior environment of your home and its effect on elevating the quality of your living experience, such as the quality of your sleep, the air you breathe, water you drink, your access to nature and active living, while also ensuring your comfort and security, providing everything you need to live your best life.

2. You get what you want

In terms of housing type, size, style and lot location, even community location, the choices are plentiful. And you can tailor your choice to suit your lifestyle, current design trends, today’s housing market and your budget.

The interior reception area of the Minto Design Centre.

2. Personalized for you

One of the biggest appeals of a new-build home is the ability to personalize it the way you want. You are getting a home that can be modelled to your tastes and lifestyle by using the builder’s design centre to choose the type, style and colour of things like your cabinets, flooring, counters, paint colours and layout options.

4. You can choose your builder

Researching a builder is important. You’ll want to pick one that has a good track record and reputation, since a home may be the single biggest investment of your life. When you buy a new-build home, you have the ability to choose your builder.

An interior shot of the Elderberry Single Family Home showing the stylish great room and marble fireplace feature and the adjoining open-concept kitchen.

5. It’s new

That might seem obvious, but it means you have the experience of being the first one to do everything in the home. Like a new car that has never been driven by anyone else, a new home is fresh, clean and has a different feel than a resale home.

6. No unknowns

As the first owner of the home, you’ll know its history. There’s no need to fear questionable renovation work or hidden issues behind the walls. Everything will have been inspected by the City at various stages throughout construction.

7. It’s warrantied

If there are any warranty issues that arise, there is a program in place to deal with them at set intervals, guaranteeing that any warrantable concerns that arise are taken care of by the builder. You can’t get the same thing with a resale home; even a private home inspector can’t guarantee there are no issues with a home as there are many things the inspector can’t see, like how the wiring has been run or insulation installed.

8. No renovations

A new home means you are protected against costly repairs, both because all the materials are new and because you are covered by Tarion, which administers Ontario’s new home warranty act. If you buy from a reputable builder, you are also assured of fast access to the builder’s service personnel in the event of problems during your warranty period.

A performer entertains a crowd of onlooking children at a Minto Park Party in Avalon Encore, Orléans.

9. Community building

Most new homes are built in new communities. That means you’re getting new infrastructure that meets current engineering standards, which is important when it comes to everything from road design and condition to sewer capacity. New home communities now also tend to be diverse, reflecting today’s Canadian population and making it an exciting environment in which families can grow, co-operate and build relationships together.

An exterior photo of the Notre-Place French School in Avalon Encore, Orléans.

10. Amenities

Parks, schools, retail, services and other important community amenities are created as part of the new home community and are designed with the community’s eventual size in mind.

11. New without the wait

Many Ottawa home builders, including Minto Communities, may have move-in soon options for buyers who want a new-build home without the wait. Called inventory homes, they are a great way to buy new when you need a quick closing date. And depending on where the home is in the construction process, you might even be able to choose some of the finishes and features.

12. Maintenance Guidance

Just before moving in, you’ll have a tour of your new home to note any outstanding items that need to be addressed and to get a demonstration of your home’s features and systems. Your new home will also come with a homeowner’s manual explaining its features and finishes and how to maintain them. This is not something you get with a resale home and it can be particularly helpful for first-time buyers who may not be as familiar with the typical maintenance that comes with homeownership.

Our Homeowner Move-in and Home Care Guide gives you peace of mind that you’ll be able to maintain your new investment.

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