Butler's Pantries: They're Back (Just ask Jeeves)

In the olden days, a butler’s pantry was traditionally used to store silver and serving pieces. And, amazingly enough, many butlers actually slept in the pantry to ward off would-be thieves! In today’s modern home, the butler’s pantry bridges the gap between the dining room and kitchen, providing additional preparation and storage space.

The trend towards entertaining at home has rejuvenated interest in the butler’s pantry because of its convenience and versatility. If you find yourself routinely entertaining large groups of people, a butler’s pantry is likely the perfect match for you.

Storage is a dream

Ideal for storing large serving dishes, stemware, vases, and pitchers while keeping unsightly kitchen appliances out of view, a butler’s pantry is a haven for storage. For those especially gorgeous pieces like china and crystal, consider installing glass doors with interior cabinet lighting or open shelving to really make them shine.

Low maintenance entertaining

Butler’s pantries aren’t just amazing for storage, they also make throwing a party infinitely easier. They can double as a fantastic bar or self-serve beverage station during get-togethers or provide space to keep boxes, trays, and other party-items out of view of guests. If you’re really serious about entertaining, they’re also the perfect candidates for installing concealed warming drawers, bar sinks, filtered water faucets, and refrigerated drawers to make your party execution a more straightforward affair.

Easy cleanup

Any butler’s pantry worth its salt needs to have smart appliances and durable materials that can stand up to the pressure of entertaining. If you like the warmth of wood tones, ensure that your chosen finish is well-sealed to withstand moisture.

Embrace the convenience of the Butler's pantry! Dinner parties will never be the same once this lifesaver enters your life. Many new Minto homes come with this luxurious feature, visit our collection of Model Homes in Arcadia in Kanata, Avalon Encore in Orleans, and Mahogany in Manotick and see for yourself!

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