The Minto Group, Executive Management

The Minto Group is a family owned integrated real estate development, construction and management company with operations in Ottawa, Toronto and Florida.

With strong values, the commitment of a family-owned enterprise and an inspired belief in helping make the world a better place, The Minto Group Executive Management team ensures the success of the company, its employees and the communities it creates, serves, and of which it is a part.

The Minto Group, Board of Directors

Roger Greenberg, Chairman
Jim Carreker
Paul Douglas
David Galloway
Peter Goring
Alan Greenberg
Eric McKinney
Michael Waters

The Minto Group, Management Committee

Michael Waters, Chief Executive Officer, The Minto Group
David Stewart, President, Minto Communities Ontario
Robert Pike, President, Minto Properties
G. Gail Edwards, Chief Financial Officer, The Minto Group
Michael J. Belmont,  President, Minto Communities Florida
Joel Bernardi, Executive Vice President, Minto Group Services

Business Advisory Committee

Roger Greenberg
Alan Greenberg
Robert Greenberg
Eric McKinney