Minto Unlocks Local History with Potter's Key

Minto names its first community in Stittsville through naming contest, a first for both developer and city

Ottawa, ON (February 6, 2015) - Today, Minto christened its new Stittsville community, Potter’s Key, in honour of Mrs. Ethel May Potter who owned the two-acre lot at 209 Carp Road almost 60 years ago. 

“In 1957, when my parents bought the house at 209 Carp Road it was a moment of pride for our family. The two-acre lot that ran between the Carp Road and the Hazeldean Road was originally the blacksmith’s house and purchased from a woman named Mrs. Potter,” said Ms. Debbie Eastop, contest winner. “Mrs. Potter held the mortgage and I can remember walking through the back field with my mother to make the monthly payment. Although the house is long gone, I still have the ornate old house key with the wooden tag that reads ‘Potter’s Key’, which she gave to my parents when the mortgage was paid off.”

Between November 24, 2014 and January 10, 2015, Minto reached out to the Stittsville community online for input in naming the first Minto development in Stittsville. “This is the first time we have held a naming contest for a Minto community and we’re thrilled with the response,” explained Brent Strachan, Minto senior vice president. “Involving the Stittsville community in the process is our way of paying tribute to the rich local history. As a local builder that matters to us, for the past 60 years we have not only developed communities but created homes.” 

Stittsville residents submitted over 350 names for the new community development north of Hazeldean Road.  Minto and Alphabet Creative Agency judged 194 unique submissions based on historical accuracy, uniqueness, creativity and emotional draw. After rounds of deliberation, Debbie Easthop’s submission of ‘Potter’s Key’ was selected as the winning submission and the new name of Minto’s first Stittsville development. 

“Of the 194 unique submissions, Ms. Eastop’s story struck a chord with our selection committee because it evokes a sense of pride in home ownership that we see amongst the buyers of our new homes. So we are proud to name the community Potter’s Key in honour of her family’s story,” said Mr. Strachan.  

“As an Ottawa-based home builder celebrating 60 years in the marketplace, it was important for Minto to select a name that would evoke the past and tell a story about home ownership that is rooted in Stittsville’s history.  Ethel May Potter will now endure in a special way that we can all be proud of,” said Mr. Strachan. It was not only a novel attempt for Minto when it comes to naming a community but Patrick Meeds, industry analyst of PMA Brethour Reality, also believed it to be the first time for the city.

It was seen as an integrated opportunity for local residents to contribute to the community as Minto breaks ground in Stittsville for the first time.

In addition to the honour of having submitted a unique name that tells such a great local story, Ms. Eastop also received a $1000 gift card from Brown’s York Independent Grocer.

The Potter’s Key community will include 450 homes, with about 60 per cent single homes and 40 per cent townhomes. Sales for the new community are scheduled to launch in the fall of 2015. The new development is a master-planned community, which includes a large neighbourhood park in close proximity to shops, services and transit.

About Minto:

Now in its 60th year of operations, The Minto Group is a family-owned, fully integrated home builder, construction and property management company based in Ottawa with operations in Canada and Florida.

Since 1955, The Minto Group has built more than 80,000 new homes, manages more than 17,000 residential rental homes and apartments, and carries a commercial portfolio of more than 2.5 million square feet of office and retail space.

In addition to these holdings, the company owns and operates Canada’s largest portfolio of executive furnished suites.

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