The best time to buy in Mahogany, Manotick

Phase 3 of Mahogany, Manotick is on sale now! 

This new phase includes new Single Family Home designs, timeless favourites, and the return of our popular Bungalow Townhomes. Plus, homeowners will benefit from a new six-acre park and a massive preserved woodlot, making it easier than ever to enjoy the great outdoors. All this is in addition to everything already offered:

  • Five existing parks
  • Picturesque streetscapes
  • A direct connection to Manotick Village
  • Scenic Mahogany Pond
  • Multi-use pathways and trails
  • A school within the community
  • And much more

If you’re considering living in Mahogany, here’s why it's best to buy as early as possible.

Get the home you want

During a new community phase, some home designs may be allocated to specific lots. If your heart is set on a given model (view our full collection here), buying as soon as possible increases your odds of securing it.

Also, since we adhere to specific architectural guidelines, to maximize the aesthetic diversity of our streetscapes, buying early gives you more flexibility in choosing your home’s elevation (the look and style of its exterior). 

Lastly, for reasons mentioned above, as our communities get close to selling out, remaining homes tend to have their elevation, framing, and sometimes even finishing selections pre-determined. In other words, buying early ensures you can personalize as much of your new home as possible through our Design Centre.

Butternut Bungalow Single Family Home

Secure your dream location.

One of the biggest perks of buying early is having more freedom to choose your lot. That includes being closer to existing community amenities or, in some cases, having no rear neighbors. Some buyers even buy in groups – friends or families, for example – making it easier to obtain neighbouring lots.

If you have kids, for example, you might want to live next to a park or a pathway. Or maybe you’d like a corner lot for a bit more space. And let’s not forget about the direction your home faces; if you’d rather have more sunlight in your backyard, you’re in control of those details when you buy early.

Whether it’s living closer to nature or closer to your loved ones – or simply selecting a lot that best suits your budget – buying soon adds more choice and certainty to the process. 

Be among the first to move into a new phase

When you buy a new home with Minto Communities sooner, you have a greater chance of securing an earlier closing date within that new phase of the community; you can be one of the first to plant your roots in an exciting new phase of the community.

In other words, if you’re eager to get into your new home quickly, being first in the door (so to speak) brings you that much closer to living your dream.

Bungalow Townhomes, Mahogany Manotick

Lock into pricing security

As the market fluctuates, there’s always a chance of prices changing. The benefit of buying a new home instead of a resale home, however, is that you can take advantage of pre-construction pricing and avoid potential upticks. In the same vein, buying a new build, in general, lets you bypass bidding wars associated with resale properties.

Don’t wait to buy in Mahogany, Manotick

Phase 3 of Mahogany, Manotick is now on sale. Experience modern established living in a spacious new Single Family Home or Bungalow Townhome. Better yet, get more when you buy early – from more flexibility securing your model to peace of mind knowing your price won’t change.

If you haven’t already, register today for sales updates. Your future home awaits.

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