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Kanata, Canada's technology hub

Minto’s latest community in Kanata, Morgan’s Creek, is ideally placed near the heart of Canada’s largest technology park. Living in this beautiful boutique community puts you within arms’ reach of plentiful high-tech career opportunities. Kanata’s tech sector is home to over 500 companies employing over 21,000 people, and is a hub of innovation across 10 subsectors of the high-tech industry.

View of Kanata buildings. Kanata tech sector, Canada's technology hub.

Kanata's high-tech history

During the 90s, Kanata was considered the Silicon Valley of the North, with representation from telecommunications, software, data management, aerospace, medical sciences, and other companies. Kanata has seen a massive population growth since 1991, and the number of residents has nearly tripled to this day—further indication of the strength and success of the area. Today, Canada’s high-tech sector flourishes in Kanata and is making positive impacts globally.

Local offices, global influence

Companies operating in Kanata have been making a difference through their innovative products, services and research for decades. Technology professionals from across the country flock here to provide their expertise to numerous industry subsectors. 

Mitel, Avaya and Ericsson are known names in the global telecommunications and mobile industries. Medical sciences and technology are strongly represented by innovative companies such as Nordion, Phreesia, and Best Theratronics. Companies within the defence, security and aerospace industry include: Pleora, Superna, and Solar Winds MSP. If innovations in resource development and geosciences are your field, then check out what GEMTEC, C-Core, and Nanometrics have been doing. Cloud services, networking, and data management are also represented by BTI Systems, Skyworks Solutions, and Martello to name a few. These are just some of the many high-tech companies which operate in Kanata. Check out this interactive map to discover other major companies there.

Scientists in the lab. Kanata tech sector, Canada's technology hub.

Ushering Kanata into the future

If we look back at the rise of Silicon Valley, in California, it could not have been possible without the partnership between Stanford University, the companies operating there, and the government. In similar fashion, the University of Ottawa has teamed up with the Kanata North Business Association to usher in a new era for the Kanata high-tech sector. Their goal is to collaborate in order to drive research and innovation—incorporating with government-funded programs—for the long-term growth and success of the area.

If you’re thinking about starting down a career path in high-tech—or already making contributions in these fields—then Morgan’s Creek is just the place to start your new life in Kanata. With your office so close to home, just think of all the wonderful things you could do with your spare time. Morgan’s Creek also provides an ideal investment opportunity; renters working in Kanata will find its convenience irresistible.