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What Sustainability means to Minto

At Minto, creating spaces that promote comfort, cost savings, health, and community connections is something we're completely committed to. We don't just talk about being an innovative green builder - sustainability is part of everything we do. To Minto, Sustainability means making the world a better place by:

Minto maintains environmental and health and safety policies to formalize our commitments and provide direction to those working for or on behalf of our organization.

Minto's Environmental Policy

At Minto, we believe people deserve to live better and that making our products and operations better for both people and the planet is compatible with our growth and prosperity. 

Minto is committed to reducing the environmental impact of our real estate development, construction, and property management operations while working to create more comfortable, efficient, and beautiful spaces for our customers.

To support this commitment Minto will:

Every member of the Minto team shares responsibility for the implementation of this policy.  The policy will be available to customers, suppliers, contractors, and the general public and will be communicated to all employees.  The Minto Management Committee will review the policy at least annually to ensure it continues to reflect the intentions and direction of the organization.  

Minto’s Health and Safety Policy

At Minto, we are committed to ensuring that high standards for health and safety are reflected in everything we do.

We recognize the importance of providing employees, contractors and visitors to our worksites with a healthy and safe environment and as such, strive to eliminate foreseeable hazards that may result in personal injuries, illness, fire, security losses and property damage. 

Minto is dedicated to the continual improvement of our health and safety program and performance and will take every reasonable precaution for the protection of our workers.  Every Minto employee, from senior managers to front-line workers, will receive the training and equipment necessary to perform their work safely.  Minto will comply with applicable occupational health and safety laws, regulations, and accepted industry standards.

While it is understood that supervisors have the primary responsibility for ensuring the health and safety of the workers under their supervision, all Minto employees are expected to give their complete commitment to understanding and integrating Minto’s health and safety program into their organizational activities.  Anything short of this commitment is unacceptable.

By working together in a healthy and safe manner, we will prevent workplace injuries while continuing to create better places for people to live, work and play.