March 27th - A Message from CEO Michael Waters [My COVID weekend take-your-mind-off-things binge watch list]

Another challenging week behind us.  Whew.  Thanks to everyone for supporting one another.

I want to say a special thanks to our essential teams on our construction sites and in our apartment properties, those serving our residents and homebuyers:  we recognize what you’re going through on the front lines.  We all appreciate you and what you are doing every day.

With the weekend ahead, hopefully you are able to take you minds off of things.  

Most people are going to be shut in. To that end, I had a few ideas.  With the scars from sharing my Wednesday workout playlist still fresh and, at the risk of exposing myself to further ridicule, here is my current COVID Netflix binge-list. Not a lot of romcoms here, but as mentioned earlier I have been ‘physically distanced’ to the loft this weekend on my own and control the remote…

Enjoy. Stay safe. Have a cold bevvie and take your mind off things for a bit.