Plants surrounding couch in boho living room

10 easy plants your apartment needs right now

| 6 MIN READ | 2023-07-20

Do you consider yourself a terrible plant parent? We hear you. You bring home a lush little plant to spruce up a room, and this time you promise yourself, it will survive. You water it now and then (or sometimes not at all – oops!) and next thing you know, your table is covered with sad, wrinkled, dead leaves. 

The unfortunate truth is, plants, like puppies, aren’t just things you can buy and hope for the best. Plants are just as unique as we are, and if you can understand your little green friend, you can have a happy life together. Read on to check out our fool-proof guide to 10 perfect spots to keep 10 easy plants alive in your apartment. 

1. Your front entrance

Cast iron plant sitting in corner of room

Brighten up your front hallway with a shade-loving cast iron plant. It grows tall, filling those dreary, empty corners! It likes to dry up before being watered, so every two weeks will do. It’s low maintenance, and perfect for creating a welcoming front hallway. 

Toxicity check: Safe for furry friends.

2. Your bathroom counter

Zebra cactus placed on bathroom counter

The zebra cactus is a small potted plant that was made for your apartment’s bathroom. Whether on a counter, shelf or toilet lid, the zebra cactus loves its independence, needing little attention. It thrives in the shade and only needs water once its soil has gone completely dry. 

Toxicity check: Safe for furry friends.

3. Your kitchen counter

Hands putting mint leaves and lemon into a bowl

What better plant for your kitchen than one that you can eat? Mint plants need good, indirect sun and tend to be thirsty, so any window orientation will work. If you place it next to your sink, you’re (almost) guaranteed to remember to hydrate it. Drenching it thoroughly in water once a week will keep your mint plant healthy, and your mojitos tasty- yum!  

Toxicity check: Safe for furry friends.

4. Your dining room table

Purple orchid sitting on dining room table

Every dining room needs a statement centrepiece, why not make it a live plant, like the orchid? Unlike a picked bouquet, the plant will (hopefully) not slowly die on you, but instead freshen up your space with vibrant pops of colour. Orchids love bright light and need water once a week.

Hot tip: A great hack for maintaining a healthy orchid is to drop a handful of ice cubes on its soil every week, delaying its absorption, and staying mess free!

Toxicity check: Safe for furry friends.

5. Your window

Snake plants in a row

The snake plant, one of our favourites, is the ideal apartment windowfront plant. It grows tall, takes up little space, has pretty patterns and is perfect for all who live busy lives. The snake plant loves to sunbathe but is also versatile, surviving on the darker winter days (oh Canada..). It takes water only once its completely dry, give it a good drench every month. 

Toxicity check: Toxic to furry friends. A pet-safe alternative is bamboo. 

6. Your living room 

Peace lily on living room table

The peace lily is a wonderful addition to any tabletop. It blooms often and only needs some bright light, however it will require weekly waterings. Luckily, this plant is dramatic and will begin drooping its leaves when its thirsty. 

Toxicity check: Toxic to furry friends. A pet-safe alternative is the African violet. 

7. Your bookshelf

Hand holding potted pothos plant

Devil’s ivy, also known as the pothos plant, is a lush hanging plant that can add life to any bookshelf. It enjoys its indirect sunlight and survives when neglected, so only water it once completely dry. This plant is basically impossible to kill (perfect for plant parents of all expertise levels!). It’s also known for its air-purifying abilities, yes please!

Toxicity check: Toxic to furry friends. A pet-safe alternative is the Boston fern. 

8. Your balcony

Lemon tree on balcony

Another edible, yet decorative plant, is the lemon tree. Potted lemon trees can add a taste of the Mediterranean to any apartment balcony. That being said, they love the heat, sun and moisture. The yellow-studded tree will thrive in a sunny spot and needs hydration weekly, and once temperatures drop, it makes a perfect indoor addition. Just make sure it’s facing a window (preferably west/south)!

Toxicity check: Toxic to furry friends. A pet-safe alternative is the orange tree. 

9. Your desk

Aloe vera on a desk with person typing 

Say “aloe” to your new work buddy! Aloe vera is reliable and can pretty much take care of itself, as long as you schedule a monthly watering. Make sure it gets some sun, and it will grow tall and strong. 

Hot tip: Try and cut off a tip of the plant to find its jelly-like inside and use it for hand moisturizer! But heads up, once you cut a branch, it will not grow back. 

Toxicity check: Toxic to furry friends. A pet-safe alternative is the Christmas cactus. 

10. Your bedside table

ZZ plant on white table 

The ZZ plant makes an ideal bedside table plant. It's low maintenance, requiring partial, indirect sun and water only once its soil has completely dried out. As you catch some Z’s, your ZZ plant will grow tall and wide, eventually needing a larger pot. 

Toxicity check: Toxic to furry friends. A pet-safe alternative is the spider plant. 

Some final important tips for all plants: 

  • Always use potting soil when repotting.

  • Less is more! It is better to underwater than overwater your plants.

  • Once the plant is larger than its pot, repot it to a larger one.

  • Cut off dead leaves or flowers.

We hope our list will help you green up your thumb and assists in creating your perfect indoor apartment garden oasis – happy planting! 

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