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Pet proofing your home

When the human’s away, the cats and dogs will play. No matter how big or small, young or old, your fur babies rely on you to make sure they’re safe at home. Here are some handy tips to help pet proof your space.

Start with the basics

Whether you’re bringing home a new puppy or kitten, or simply want to do a quick pet safety refresh, it’s best to start with the basics. Scan your home for loose or dangling cords, small toys or objects that could pose a choking hazards, toxic plants (check out this excellent guide), cleaning products or anything else that may be tempting for pets to get their paws into. Want to be really thorough? Get down on the ground and take a look at your home from your pet’s POV. You never know what you might find – or where you might find it (hello shiny quarter under the couch!)

Dig a little deeper

Once you’ve taken care of all the small things, do a room-by-room check. We love Whistle’s guide to pet proofing your home (warning: this article contains adorable dog photos). Cesar Milan also does a great job of running through pet safety basics, like making sure the toilet seat is down at all times, using childproof latches on drawers and cupboards, and tucking away shoes, slippers and clothing (or anything else that may smell like you and be tempting for Rover to sink his teeth into!) The bottom line? Pet proofing your home is actually pretty easy and always a good idea. As they say, it’s better to be safe than sorry!