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7 different ways to decorate your dorm room

LIVE brighter | 25 MIN READ | 2019-09-09

Sophisticated, glam, bohemian – what’s your style? Whatever you’re into, we’ve got lists on lists of dorm room décor ideas to help you figure it out. The first step is to decide on a colour scheme (because when decorating small spaces, that’s a good place to start), and then you can begin choosing pieces you love from there. 

Most dorm rooms come equipped with a bedframe, mattress and desk, and a closet or dresser – the rest you’ll need to get yourself. Some décor basics to consider for your dorm room include:

• Bedding: pillows (1-2), pillowcases (2-4), duvets (1-2), fitted and top sheets (1-2), throw blanket, throw pillows
• Lighting: desk lamp, floor lamp, string lights 
• Mirrors: full-length-mirror, face mirror
• Stationery (aside from pens, calculators etc.): waste basket, bulletin board/dry erase board, seat cushion (dorm room chairs often aren’t super comfy!)
• Tables: beside table, storage cart (aka bar cart)
• Extras: area rug, laundry hamper, knick-knacks, wall art

Whether you want to go with a cool, preppy vibe or just feel cozy in your space, read on for 7 dorm room décor styles to help create your home away from home (and of course get the most out of those study hours).

But first - a colour scheme! 

dorm room bed with wall decorations

When it comes to small spaces (like a dorm), consistent colours create flow and unity and can make the room feel bigger. So if you’re wondering what colours to choose, we’ve got some tips.

How do I choose a dorm room colour scheme? These ideas might help: 

1. Stick to the basics with white, grey, and black. It’s simple and sophisticated – and choose furniture with Lucite (clear or see-through) accents for that extra modern touch. 

2. Keep it cute with pastel colours. Pastel is trendy and helps create a cozy and calm vibe in your space. Pair 2-4 (or more) pastels with neutrals and you’ve got yourself a picturesque, Insta-worthy dorm room.

3. Glam it up with creams and neutrals, gold, and a pop of one colour. To keep it ‘glam’, stick to one colour like pink, purple, or Tiffany blue and pair it with hints of gold, glass and metal. 

4. Feeling preppy? Stick to pink, muted gold, pine green, dark brown and navy blue. We suggest mixing patterns like houndstooth and plaid in different colours and pieces. 

5. Go green and organic with some neutrals mixed in for a bohemian vibe. Using textures like plants and wood is highly encouraged (and plants will improve your indoor air quality so you’ll study better). 

6. Create a dreamy vibe using lots of white mixed with pops of light blues, purples, pinks and oranges mixed together. Tie-dye is definitely your friend here.

7. Express your fun side with lots of colour or different shades of one colour. To find inspiration, find a bright duvet, area rug or piece of art that you love and use those colours in your décor. No need to worry about matching anything here – just go with whatever speaks to you!

If you read the above and still aren’t sure what suits you (or you just can’t decide), check out this fun quiz on what dorm room colour scheme you are. It’s quick and fun!

Next step, choose your style and start browsing

dorm room with fairy lights and guitar

Once you find a colour scheme that suits you, match it to a number below and check out décor items that we suggest (lots of options!). Feel free to mix styles up – like classy and cute, or create an ‘organic glam’ look. The best part is, there are no rules. So mixing and matching is highly encouraged!

1. Classy & sophisticated (neutrals and Lucite)
2. Cute & cozy (pastels and white)
3. Glam (cream, gold and a pop of one colour)
4. Preppy (pink, mellow gold, pine green, dark brown and navy blue)
5. Organic & bohemian (neutrals, fiery orange, greens, greys, and browns)
6. Dreamy vibes (white, light blues, purples, pinks and oranges)
7. Bright & fun (anything bright or different shades of one colour)

1. Classy & sophisticated

black and white dorm decor

Think: stripes, transparent accents, black and white, and minimal. 

You like things simple, classy and sophisticated. Clean, fine lines and neutral colours are your thing. Have you heard of Lucite? Lucite is furniture that’s made with clear and transparent materials, and it’ll add a playful and chic touch to your dorm room. 

Here are some décor ideas for decorating a sophisticated space:


• Sheets – stick to all white or a simple black and white design. 

o All white: IKEA Ofelia Vass
o Mixed neutrals: IKEA Alvine Kvist or VÅRBRÄCKA sheets, grey polka dots, black and white stripes, or trellis pattern

• Duvet cover – keep it simple and neutral!

o Black, white and fabulous: Holli Zollinger, The Linden black border, chenille black chevron, or black and white marble

• Throw pillows – if you go plain with your duvet cover, have fun with your throw pillow patterns (you can always swap them out later!). Alternatively, patterned duvet covers work best with less detailed pillow patterns with solid colours.

o Fun patterned throw pillows: Grey velvet, geometric grey, Ivy Fringe Striped, black and white chevron, simple grid lines, Hygge definition, thick black and white stripes, thin black and white strips, or black and white gingham
o Solid coloured pillows: White wink face, eyelashes on white, all black, white textured, black pleated, dark grey tweed, white faux fur, or white quilted

• Throw blanket – add one to the back of your desk chair and a couple on your bed if you want – use different patterns and textures and mix-and-match black and white patterns.

o Moroccan black and white striped pom pom throw, black and white checkered, white faux fur, grey faux fur, white fringe, white knit ribbed, or faux fur chevron

LIGHTING: Keep your lighting sleek, but have some fun with it!

• Desk or bedside table lamps: RANARP black and gold, RANARP white and gold, Harold grey glass, Keystone black lantern, gold-dipped white, or Tiverton glass 

• Floor lamps: RANARP white floor, RANARP black floor or Holden arched

MIRRORS: You want thin, white or grey frames and nothing too flashy to keep with your sophisticated style.

• Body mirror: White wood framed, leaning ladder storage and mirror, or Francine mirror

• Face mirror: White metal loop ot round wall mirror

STATIONERY: Whatever you did with your bedding, do the opposite with your stationery accessories. Bold bedding patterns? Choose simple stationery (and vice versa).

• Waste basket: Chrome diamond weave, white “Trash bucket”, white with lid or white patterned

• Bulletin board: White and black diamond memo board, magnetic patterned magnet board, or white cork and wood framed

• Metal magazine rack (because it’s cute!) 

• Seat cushion: White faux fur or white and black striped

TABLES: Sleek metal, glass, Lucite legs, and different shapes are what you want to look for. 

• Bedside table: Black metal folding, white triangular, clear acrylic, black wood and glass, round white tray table, or acrylic folding

• Storage cart: White 3-tier rolling, 3-tier black metal, or white slim metal with mesh shelving

EXTRAS: Neutral and minimal style means you shouldn’t have a ton of visible “extras” so your dorm doesn’t feel cluttered. Consider one or two of the “fun” objects below and mix them in with the utility and stationery items. Less is more!

• Jewelry holders: Kate Spade ring dish, glass “love” ring dish, or gold and glass jewelry box

• Flower vases: Round white and black, rivet modern angled, artistic black and white, white and black speckled, or simple tall and white 

• Area rugs: Modern black and white shag, charcoal woven, white shag, wool Brenner triangles, offset stripes in black and ivory wool, or Mount Salem light grey 

• Wall art:Get it done”, minimal woman, “Life” quote F. Scott Fitzgerald, “Adam’s Library”, or “Pinky Swear

• Laundry hamper: simple black, it says “laundry”, or white with wheels

• Fun extras: Black and white desk globe and grey brick peel and stick wallpaper

2. Cute & cozy (colour scheme: pastels and white) 

pretty pink bed with pastel pillows

Think: tassels, knit fabrics, woven rugs, soft colours and layered faux fur. 

Given your bedroom in college is kind of like your personal little oasis, you’ll want to make sure you feel cozy in it. Here are some tips on making your dorm room cute and comfy: 

BEDDING: Pastels, plush, soft textures and lots of pillows and throws will make your room super cozy!

• Sheets: Pretty turquoise patterned, lavender chevron, pastel solid colour, baby blue with daisies, light pink IKEA, little flannel hearts, kitty cat pillow cases, or just plain white

• Duvet covers: Pastel pink linen, lavender gingham, light mixed pastels, ivory tufted tassels, pastel pink tassels, ballet pink textile, floral and geometric, or pastel shapes

• Throw pillows: Blush pink shag, white cotton with Turkish modern design, lilac purple velvet, blush pink velvet, “Rain, tea & a good book” baby pink, pastel mixed abstract, pink and white stripes, ballet pink woven, or a cable knit oversized cotton pillow

• Throw blankets: rose pink faux fur, beige zig-zag cotton, baby blue stripes and tassels, woven pink with tassels, chunky ivory knit, dusky pink knit, or ivory hand-knit with pom poms

LIGHTING: Warm colours, soft shapes and string lights should be your go-to lighting choices.

• Desk or bedside table lamps: How about a little white lamp 

• Floor lamps: Copper simple or mint adjustable 

• String lights: LED pink roses, unicorns, or photo clip LED lights

• Wall lights: Heart LED or peach pearl LED sconce

MIRRORS: Anything cute goes! Mirrors are handy, but they’re also décor that you can get creative with.

• Body mirror: Pink adjustable standing or a simple metal standing mirror

• Face mirror: Rose gold heart shaped, pastel pink hanging round, “Pink Dream” pastel coloured round shape, or a metal flower round mirror

STATIONERY: Stationery accessories are an inexpensive way to add pops of pastels – so if you go with all white sheets and simple furniture, this is where you can add in your *cute* factor.

• Waste basket: plastic patterned pink, mini desk waste basket in pastel, or recycled pastel geometric paper bins

• Bulletin board: printed cork board, pink circular dry erase wall decals, or white framed dry erase board

• Seat cushion: solid pink or mint, or ivory faux fur

• Storage baskets: seagrass woven with pom poms (so cute!) or this white woven rope with handles

TABLES: White or light wood and painted pastel metals will “cute-ify” your space. 

• Bedside table: simple white side table

• Storage cart: mint, rose gold or white 3-tier rolling cart

EXTRAS: There are so many extras you can add to cozy up your dorm room. Play with colours, textures, shapes and add flowers now and then so you can cozy right up and enjoy your space.

• Jewelry holders: Hearts keepsake box, blush pink spade ring dish, or “A little bit of sparkle” jewelry dish

• Flower vases: Mint bud vase, white with handles, or dusty rose-toned glass

• Area rugs: Alessia pink, pink woven with tassels, beige and fluffy, cream and black diamonds, white faux fur, ivory white cutwork, or lilac faux sheepskin

• Wall art: a sleeping fox, “To read is to dream with eyes open”, stacked pastel books, Paris, Poppy blossom, mason jar floral, “Building my empire”, or pastel bridge

• Laundry hamper: cream hand-woven and collapsible or beige with wheels

• Fun extras: Rose quartz crystal cluster, unicorn snow globe, pink lighted globe, pink triangles peel-and-stick wallpaper, knit-knot cushion, or macramé floor pouf

Insider tip for the coolest, coziest dorm ever: Do you have a corkboard in your dorm? If not, get one and put it up. Measure it and buy as many faux fur area rugs from Walmart as will fit (slight bit of math skills needed here). Then, staple the area rugs to your corkboard and ta-da! You have a furry wall.

3. It's all glam (colour scheme: cream, gold and a pop of one colour) 

mirrored glass bedside table and pink walls

Think: gold accents, sparkly accessories, marble, velvet, mirrored finishes and old Hollywood. 

Is Breakfast at Tiffany’s one of your favourite movies? Or maybe you just have an appreciation for beautiful perfume bottles and shiny tabletops? Either way, if the word “glam” speaks to your style, here are some ideas to help you decorate your dorm room like a glam queen:

BEDDING: Match up either all white bedding with colour in your throw pillows and blankets or vice versa to keep that fab factor present. Too many colours and patterns mixed together might distract from the simplicity of a glamorous space.

• Sheets: White and grey patterned, sweet words, pink bamboo rayon, or white Egyptian cotton and bamboo

• Duvet covers: Grey granite set, delicate and all white, blush pink velvet, purple and white, gold cactuses, or light pink and gold

• Throw pillows: Pink peonies, golden metallic, grey and gold floral, leopard print faux fur, silver squares, pink and bronze patterned, dusky pink silk, dusky pink chenille embroidered, luxurious faux fur, black quilted velvet, blush knit, chenille medallion, white chenille embroidered, pale turquoise velvet, golden canvas, or pink velvet

• Throw blankets: Luxe chenille, pink velvet, heathered dusky pink, luxurious faux fur, or white chenille embroidered

LIGHTING: White, gold, and pops of 1-2 main colours here. Don’t forget about tassels and vintage lamps – they go perfectly with your look!

• Desk or bedside table lamps: Pink tassel llama lamp, or antique gold lamp

• Floor lamps: Brass glass globe, rose gold arched, crystal and metal, gold and cement, or gold tripod

• String lights: Rose Gold Geometric Metal LED String Lights or starry copper LEDs

MIRRORS: Gold frames! Need we say more? 

• Body mirror: Gold frame leaning, black tripod legs with gold tips, or white modern tufted  

• Face mirror: Rose gold lips, sparkly square glam, distressed white, or simple scalloped 

STATIONERY: Keep it simple, sweetie (*KISS). 

• Waste basket: Gold and simple, white wave design, gold glitz, or silver steel 

• Bulletin board: White with gold letters, rustic gold framed, or Parisian style French memo board

• Seat cushion: Faux fur or ivory white quilted

• Storage baskets: Copper mesh, or white wood

• Extra stationery: Marble adhesive for your desktop and a translucent lipstick holder

TABLES: Mirror tops, Lucite legs, gold hardware. Done! 

• Bedside table: Gold and (faux) marble, two-toned gold, gold iron mirror top, or silver 3-drawer lattice

• Storage cart: Gold crisscross, gold 3-tiered, 2-tier gold rectangle, or polished silver

EXTRAS: With a glam space, little extras should be beautiful and subtle. You know those homes where everywhere you look you see perfect details? That could be your dorm!

• Jewelry holders: Kate Spade turquoise and gold (or maybe black and gold is more your thing), marble and brass tray, gold and white cat, gold framed, or prism glass and gold

• Flower vases: Warm gold iridescent finish, gold and white 2-piece set, marble-finish stoneware, or white with gold dots 

• Area rugs: Antique dark bouquet, modern two-tone, vintage tiles, or genuine sheepskin 

• Wall art:Throw glitter in today’s face”, “Go the extra mile” heels, “You had me at Chanel”, make up, “Lips of Love”,  gold and white kiss wall art, “Voguestagram Anna Wintour”, “Rose Bottles”, “The gold pineapple”, or “marfa” Prada

• Storage tray: Set this galvanized antique tray on your desk or dresser for makeup, perfume or jewelry!

• Fun extras: Lips metal over-the-door hooks, “Rosé all day” lightbox, or white and gold coffee table tray

4. Prep it up (colour scheme: pink, mellow gold, pine green, dark brown and navy blue)

bed with plaid blanket and yellow pillows

Think: monograms, polka dots, plaid, brown leather and nautical stripes. 

Preppy décor speaks to a genteel approach to work and play, according to Houzz. Iconic preppy means plaid, stripes, houndstooth and gingham checks, all perfectly mixed together. 

Houzz also says “the key to mixing patterns is to pay attention to the scale and palette – too many large-scale prints will overwhelm each other; a bunch of small-scale ones can get lost. Colours don’t have to match, but they should at least stay in the same family.” 

BEDDING: Much like the other styles, all white bedding with pops of your main colours always works well. For a preppy style, you’ll want accents of navy blue, mellow gold (aka mustard yellow), forest green and carnation pink. And don’t shy away from mixing patterns – just use similar colours and you’re set.

• Sheets: A pop of yellow, blue anchors, polka dots, marine blue, starry night blue, or dusky pink

• Duvet covers: Blue duvet cover set, modern stripes, chambray striped grey, pinwheel white and blue, denim stripes, crystallized stripes, hunter check, or denim blue

• Throw pillows: Caramel shimmer, caramel matte, grey and caramel plaid, navy shimmer, navy squares, dark green soft velvet, navy blue and mustard yellow, nautical vibes, blue soft velvet, blue velvet with yellow pom poms, yellow check, or dark yellow with textured dots

• Throw blankets: Soft mustard yellow pom poms, mellow gold waffle, mustard yellow with tassels, soft blue, blue zig-zags and polka dots, sage green striped wool, diamond stripe cotton, plush buffalo check, or yellow stripes with tassels

LIGHTING: Simple, white and beige lighting gives you the opportunity to add colours in other areas. Or, go with monogram, stripes and polka dots!

• Desk or bedside table lamps: Blue Daggett, red and white polka dots, navy blue dots, or custom striped monogram lamp

• Floor lamps: Grey globe

MIRRORS: Keep it simple and frameless.  

• Body mirror: White standing mirror

• Face mirror: Circle mirror with built-in light, or light wood table mirror

STATIONERY: Feel free to play around with patterns and colours here.

• Waste basket: Simple wood, white plastic woven, vintage yellow, or navy blue

• Bulletin board: Keep it simple and post fun things on it

• Seat cushion: Mustard yellow round fringed, blue cross hatch, navy blue with white piping, or blue gingham

• Storage baskets: Seagrass houndstooth, striped wire mesh, or vintage brown leather

TABLES: Painted wood plus a plaid tablecloth? Why not.

• Bedside table: Minimalist white, vintage black wood, or black and white polka dots

• Storage cart: 3-tier light green or pink rolling cart  

EXTRAS: Monogramed accessories (like coffee mugs) and nautical knick-knacks will make your dorm feel that much more preppy – so keep your eye out for navy blue and anchor designs!

• Jewelry holders: Blush or grey leather box, monogram leather valet, or chocolate brown leather tray

• Flower vases: Green glass, navy blue ceramic polka dots, blue glass, or pink textured

• Area rugs: Seaside stripes, blue chambray checkered, navy blue patterned, or sunflower gold hand-tufted  

• Wall art:Gossip Girl”, “Navy Stripes and Pink Peonies”, “Gingham Snooze”, gold foil monograms, “Preppy Florals”, “Bike Girl”, “As If”, “Blue and White Hydrangeas”, or “Modern Red Scarf Menswear

• Laundry hamper: Striped white and yellow or light grey with handles

• Fun extras: Navy blue and white striped curtains, black and white check pouf, or blue decorative pot

5. Organic & bohemian (colour scheme: neutrals, fiery orange, greens, greys, and browns)

bohemian room with wicker chair

Think: crochet, nature, culture, mixed patterns and textures, and “more is more”. 

Bohemian or “boho” refers to embracing the carefree, relaxed and unusual. It combines objects, patterns and colours from around the world – with earthly tones ruling the colour scheme. Pops of metallics and jewel tones make this style unique, but any colour goes with boho. Vintage pieces are key here – so hit up some thrift stores to help create the look.

BEDDING: Think neutral or solid coloured bedding with layered blankets, lots of tassels and big comfy pillows.

• Sheets: Pretty and neutral, medium orange, drawn flowers, or bamboo white rayon

• Duvet covers: Cotton with tassels, mustard yellow, jungle pattern, honey dot duvet, nomadic fringe diamonds, chenille embroidered white, modern canvas, quilted jersey, or exotic sheen set with tassels

• Throw pillows: Light grey tweedtropical design, green shaggy body pillow, dark yellow round herringbone, fluffy pom poms, Frida Kahlo, medium yellow knit, knit-duo ivory, geometric patchwork, plants and a cat, or crochet knit cushion

• Throw blankets: Natural cotton, slate blue chenille embroidered, woven yellow with tassels, Moroccan pom pom throw, handmade beige cotton, or chunky crochet throw

LIGHTING: Anything unique or earthy will work for lighting – including crochet hanging pendants, salt lamps and crescent moon lamps.

• Desk or bedside table lamps: Himalayan salt lamp, white salt lamp, Bri Ratten table lamp, white owl, bamboo, or wood and white

• Floor lamps: Bamboo floor lamp, or ash wood tripod  

• String lights: Globe LEDs or Edison bulbs

MIRRORS: Wood frames are key around your mirrors to keep the natural element present.

• Body mirror: Simple wood, ash wood frame, farmhouse antique white wash, or bronze tri folding mirror

• Face mirror:  Wood framed irregular shape wall mirror, star wall mirror, unique round wood, or wicker eye wall mirror

STATIONERY: Use woven baskets, tassels and add in pops of your earthly colour scheme.

• Waste basket: Wooden, wicker, or seagrass waste basket 

• Bulletin board: Walnut brown framed corkboard, light wood black hooks board, or wood framed corkboard 

• Seat cushion: Grey tufted, light grey stripes, macramé cotton, or crochet in white, pink, or violet

• Storage baskets: Woven sweater basket, rustic wooden leaning storage rack, metal and wood, light grey felt, natural wood, or natural seagrass basket

TABLES: Stick to natural materials like wood and stone. 

• Bedside table: Rustic wood, wood bean shaped, vintage white wood, rustic assorted wood, or Scandinavian wood and metal tray table

• Storage cart: Beige 3-tier rolling cart, bamboo rolling buffet, or 3-tier wood and metal

EXTRAS: Experiment with knick-knacks from different cultures and be unique. Remember, when it comes to boho style, more is more.

• Jewelry holders: Turquoise cactus, pine and iron wall-mounted jewelry hanger, wood and white, rose carved wooden box, or mini vintage treasure chest

• Flower or plant holders: Bovi Marla, crochet window hanging, crescent moon hanging air plant holder, wooden vase, or dimpled ceramic hanging planter

• Area rugs: Woven stripes, Vasiliki Moroccan tribal tassel, Mandela pattern jute, grey zig-zag chenille, vintage warm bold pattern, rectangular jute, or round braided jute rug

• Wall art:Yellow Cosmos Flowers”, “a warm feeling”, “Minimalist green succulent”, or “Drink the wild air

• Laundry hamper: Cream, Nordic forest, or white bamboo

• Fun extras: Tropical tapestry, braided rustic pouf, potted succulent candle, or white honey scented candle

6. Dreamy, hippie vibes (colour scheme: white, light blues, purples, pinks and oranges)

tray on bed with astrology cards and accessories

Think: tie-dye, wicker, ombré, pastels, iridescent, and textiles. 

If you have a free-spirited, do-what-you-want, stop-to-appreciate-the-sky, and DIY your own tie-dye kind of vibe, this style is for you. Soft colours with bright accents, textiles, moon stone, and crystals should definitely be present. This style is similar to boho, but focuses less on the culture of the world and more on America circa 1960s.

Here’s what else you’ll need to decorate your dreamy dorm room: 

BEDDING: Colour! Tie-dye blankets! The sky's the limit – just add in soft textures and it’ll be even cozier and dreamier.

• Sheets: Baby blue, soft tie-dye, muted mesh set, or assorted coloured sets

• Duvet covers: Soft pink with rainbows, green paisleylight pink, white with black pom poms, pink ruched ombré, or violet and white stripes

• Throw pillows: Velvet purple patches, snowy blue faux fur, iridescent pillow, ombré faux fur, soft plush pastel, dreamy unicorn, assorted stripes and tassels, or faux fur white

• Throw blankets: Pastel patchwork, blue modern tie-dye, assorted colour patterns, or multi-colour chunky knit 

LIGHTING: Think crystals and pretty colours, like blue, purple, pink and orange.

• Desk or bedside table lamps: Rose quartz crystal lamp, Himalayan salt lamp, 3D peace hands, glass gem LED, butterfly ornament, or pink glass circles 

• Floor lamps: Mint adjustable or different coloured pastel lights

• String lights: Sloan hearts string lights or solar butterflies

• Wall lights: Twinkle moon, or “More Love” wall light

MIRRORS: Iridescent + fun shapes = dreamy vibes all the way.

• Body mirror: Oval purple standing mirror, metal detailed frame, or simple standing 

• Face mirror: Iridescent round, crescent moon mirror, lighted pink round, tri-fold rose gold, or heart shaped wall mirror

STATIONERY: Get creative and consider shapes and designs with the moon, stars, sun or clouds.

• Waste basket: Blush pink, chianti purple, square rose pink, or round aqua 

• Bulletin board: Assorted coloured plastic frame cork boards

• Seat cushion: Purple tie-dye, teal pastel, dusty rose faux fur, pink and purple abstract, or pastel yellow  

• Storage baskets: Colourful seagrass, or white and rope

TABLES: Think dressers with different coloured drawers and brightly painted wood. Hit up a thrift store, find something you like, and paint it with your favourite chalk paint and you’re set!

• Bedside table: Pink and pine, blue patterned metal, white and periwinkle storage end table, or metal mint 

• Storage cart: Multi-colour storage cabinet, ombré pink storage trolley, or light green 3-tier cart

EXTRAS: Iridescent, ombré, tie-dye – keep these in mind while searching for fun additions to your room.

• Jewelry holders: Baby blue vintage box, lilac geode ring box, pink glitter box, or pink box with drawers

• Flower vases: Ombré pastel glass, ombré rainbow glass, or mini gold splatter succulent planters 

• Area rugs: Lilac faded, pastel abstract, quilted pastels, starlight pastels, or round abstract ivory and pink

• Wall art: Hippie cat, “Dare to Dream”, “Cool to be Kind”, “Social Butterflies”, “1960’s Style Mountain Collage”, “Vintage Cactus”, or peace sign wall art

• Laundry hamper: Pastel rainbow

• Fun extras: Tie-dye mudcloth textile, Amethyst quartz crystal cluster, quartz tea light candle holder, multi-coloured lightbox, iridescent wall clock, or moon phases wall hanging

7. Bright & vibrant (colour scheme: anything bright or different shades of one colour)

dorm room desk with lots of colour and fun accessories

Think: texture, neon, vibrant, and no rules. 

There are no rules with this style other than to have fun! Whether you want to add every colour under the sun or stick to one and use different shades of it, there really are endless options. One tip to using so much colour (or just one) – add in a variety of textures and one or two more plain pieces of furniture to make it all blend together in the end. 

BEDDING: You can pretty much go anywhere and find fun, colourful bedding. But here are some that we love to help with your search!

• Sheets: Mauve 700 thread count set, pink flamingos, sapphire blue, neon coloured sheets, or neon pineapples

• Duvet covers: Black with bright floralcolourful Moroccan mosaic, or hot pink skull

• Throw pillows: Blue sage diamonds, colourful velvet, colour block, “Kind is the new cool” dark yellow velvet, banana cat, colourful Albert Einstein, bright red cityscape, or royal mosaic

• Throw blankets: Colourful folk throw, colourful patchwork, fun doodles, or rainbow knit

LIGHTING: While you can play around with all types of shapes and colours with your lighting, don’t forget that you can also buy multi-coloured LED light bulbs (that you can change and control using your phone. For real!).

• Desk or bedside table lamps: Rainbow neon LED sign, neon coffee cup, colourful orchid bell shape, touch sensor multi-colour light, or blue work lamp

• Floor lamps: 5-light coloured lamp or anything with fun colours and design 

• String lights: Rainbow curtain lights, pink fairy lights, or flamingo string lights

MIRRORS: Look for mirrors with bright coloured frames, or buy used and paint it yourself!

• Body mirror: Oval standing mirror (that you can paint)

• Face mirror: Turquoise magnification mirror, or multi-coloured painted frame 

STATIONERY: Rainbow accessories, anyone?

• Waste basket: Red with lid, red motion sensor, or pink or turquoise with swing top

• Bulletin board: Assorted coloured plastic frame cork boards

• Seat cushion: Assorted micro-suede, peach patterned, or teal with white piping

TABLES: Key tip – think of a style you like before you start searching. Anything can be painted, but the structure is what’s important here.

• Bedside table: Sunshine, bubblegum llama, floral beauty, or hot pink lips design

• Storage cart: Pink 3-tier, blue 3-tier, multi-coloured drawers, or turquoise 3-tier

EXTRAS: From wall art to small area rugs, there are tons of ways that you can incorporate fun colours to your space on the cheap.

• Jewelry holders: Turquoise jewelry box, pink diamond box, or hot pink suede box

• Area rugs: Trellis design, super soft shag rug (in any colour!), or springtime bouquet

• Wall art: Sneakerhead, “It’s a Good Day to Be Happy”, hot pink donuts, or watercolour dog

• Laundry hamper: Neon green pop-up mesh, pink or blue polka dots, or neon laundry bags

• Fun extras:Rosé all day” lightbox, poster lightbox, bright pink wall clock, colour wheel clock, or house-shaped blackboard 

We hope you enjoy exploring these 7 different, fun and creative ways to decorate your dorm room - and making it one of the most stylish on your floor! Most importantly, this is your chance to create a space that says "you" all over it - so you can unwind, feel safe and cozy, and study hard. Good luck!

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