Getting Started

As you contemplate the endless possibilities for personalizing your new Minto home in the GTA, we want to offer a few tidbits of advice to get you started. The key to making the most of your Design Centre appointments is to be prepared.

First, we recommend that you create your dream home wish list – making note of products you've been dreaming of such as a whirlpool tub or gleaming granite countertops or features to suit your lifestyle. Ask yourself the following questions, and then think of how each of these may impact the selections you make for your home:

  • How do you want your new home to make you feel?
  • Do you prefer a formal or casual look?
  • Do you work from home? Will you need special accommodations for a home office?
  • Do you have children?
  • Do you need a low maintenance lifestyle?
  • Do you love to cook?
  • Do you entertain frequently?
  • Do you have any pets?
  • Do you want to improve the energy efficiency of your new GTA home?
  • Is there anyone in the household with allergies or health concerns?
  • Do you have anyone who is elderly living with you or visiting frequently?

Tips for Getting Started

Here are a few suggestions on things you can do to prepare for your appointments.

  • Tour our showhomes – as many as you can. We have beautifully decorated showhomes across the GTA, each one loaded with ample design ideas to suit any style. Make notes on the design selections that you find interesting.
  • Create an inspiration file – collect magazine clippings, fabric swatches, or any pictures that will help to convey your own personal style to your Design Consultant
  • Determine your budget for upgrades, and discuss this with your Design Consultant so they can help you work within this budget. Keep in mind that the personal selections you choose may only translate into a few extra dollars on your mortgage payments – a small price to pay to turn your house into your dream home.
  • Tread cautiously with trends. Trends can sometimes be great – a new revolutionary product or something you've never seen before. But ask yourself if the design you implement today is something you want to look at years from now.
  • Think in 3D! It's easy to forget about the ceiling when you are looking at a 2-dimensional plan on paper. But don't forget about lighting requirements. Lighting is the number one underestimated design dimension. It can take your interior décor from good to fabulous without costing a fortune. To accommodate your lighting needs, it's much easier to make changes now rather than after your home is built. Remember that Minto uses licensed electricians to ensure safe and proper installation and peace of mind for you!
  • Think about tomorrow. You may absolutely love that plush purple shag carpet but how attractive will that be to prospective purchasers when it's time for you to sell your home? Think about what selections will translate into a higher resale value, such as kitchen upgrades or hardwood flooring. And when in doubt, neutrals are usually the safest bet.