Community Watch

Theft of onsite building materials not only costs money but also wastes unnecessary time having to reorder, replace and restore the stolen goods to their original condition.

The industry truth is, that builders are directly affected financially when a theft occurs. Unfortunately, the underlying cost is rolled into new GTA home prices and therefore, the new home purchaser bears the burden.

Minto wishes to be proactive in its attempt to curb unwanted theft and, as such, is proud to offer our New Home Community Watch Program.

Suspected theft of materials or goods that are reported to Minto will be investigated internally and, where warranted, the local Police Department will be contacted.

Individuals who report an incident and co-operate with a police investigation that leads to an arrest will be rewarded in the amount of $500. Where multiple reports occur for the same incidence, only the initial contact will be eligible for the reward.

At no time should you approach or attempt to stop an attempted theft. Your personal safety is first and foremost our concern.

To report a suspected theft please call 905-709-6158x231 or contact your local police department.

Minto appreciates your investment into your community's safety and security.