Safety tips for residents during Hurricane Sandy

The latest weather reports indicate Hurricane Sandy may the South Ontario area sometime overnight between Monday and Tuesday. The forecast includes high winds and significant rain fall.


Safety tips: 

  •  Have on hand- water, flashlights and a radio. Beware of candles as they are a fire hazard.
  •  Limit the use of elevators during the storm. 
  •  Clear balcony and yards of furniture and other items. Secure windows and doors.  
  •  Turn your thermostats off or down to prevent damage or injury should a sudden power surge occur when power is restored. 
  •  Unplug computers, televisions and other equipment that can be damaged if a power surge occurs when power is restored. 
  •  Do not go near electrical equipment around areas of standing water. Report downed lines to Hydro and Resident Service Centre.  
  •  If an outage occurs and lasts less than four hours, allow your electrical system a chance to stabilize. Turn on the most essential appliances one by one and wait 30 minutes before reconnecting others. 
  •  Never use barbecues, propane or kerosene heaters or portable generators indoors. 
  •  Check with local media outlets for updates.


Contact your Resident Service Centre of any hazardous situations that develop. 

For emergency, please contact Minto’s 24-hour emergency line at: 

613-782-2201 Ottawa 

416-917-9064 Toronto 

519-433-7291 London 

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