The weather outside is frightful... what to do indoors during Sandy!

The extra time spent indoors can be put to good use! Here are 5 ideas for how to spend your time weathering Sandy:

1. Wardrobe re-org. Let's face it, Sandy reminds us that we are in with the cold and out with the old- summer dress that is. Take the time to store away your summer clothes and organize your sweaters and long johns.

2. Movies and books. Catch up on some films you have meaning to watch, books you have been meaning to read or that sit-com you are 2 seasons behind on. Snuggle up!

3. Redecorate. Tidy up your apartment and add some seasonal touches- like mini pumpkins or soon enough- the Mistletoe!

4. Try that laborious recipe. Why not cook a hardy meal - the one you've been meaning to prepare but it takes so long. Now you have some time inside! When we could all use a hot meal! 

5. Let Minto know how we're doing. If you have a few minutes in doors, let us know how we are doing for the chance to win up to $10,000- share your feedback with us. Ask your resident service centre about the JD Power feedback survey. 

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