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The Union of Two Leading Developers

As two of the most recognized and respected names in development, both Minto Communities and Metropia are excited to bring a new master-planned community to Unionville.

Minto Communities 

The remarkable story of Minto Communities' growth is inspiring family value, social purpose, professional excellence and ethical responsibility. Bringing together the skills, energy and talents for over twelve hundred employees, Minto Communities has been instrumental in the design and construction of more than 85,000 residential and commercial properties in Toronto, Ottawa, Calgary and South Florida. Minto Communities' distinctive tree logo stands for its strong values deeply rooted in tradition and its commitment to the environment. Our unique vision is consistently evident in each community we thoughtfully build.


Metropia is a privately owned and highly respected real estate developer creating authentic communities in both the Greater Toronto Area and Calgary. Focused on community building, urban renewal and design innovation, their communities offer a wide range of housing options with an emphasis on affordability and an abiding responsibility to the environment. Over the past 30 years, Metropia has built over 25,000 homes and set a new standard for customer satisfaction in the industry.