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Village Park of Yorkville Park

The Minto Yorkville Park condominium on the northeast corner of Bellair and Cumberland in Yorkville, will overlook the Village of Yorkville Park, a unique and peaceful urban park in the heart of Yorkville. Designed to represent the beauty and diversity of natural Canadian landscapes, the park is a popular place to sit, relax and take in the ambience of Yorkville.

Since it’s opening, the Village of Yorkville Park has won many awards such as the American Society of Landscape Architects award, the City of Toronto Urban Design Award of Excellence and the International Downtown’s Association Award of Merit.

Before the park was built, there were debates over how best to use the land. In the 1950s, the government decided to demolish a row of beautiful Victorian-styled homes to make way for the new subway line. However, residents wanted a park to be built over the subway. Instead a parking lot was constructed for commuters. Residents continued to be persistent, and in 1991 the City of Toronto Department of Parks and Recreation announced an international design competition. The winners were Oleson Worland Architects, in association with Martha Schwartz, Ken Smith and David Meyer Landscape Architects, who created a magnificent design of what the park is today.

The 11 landscapes of the park represent different Canadian environments, ranging from the upland forests found in the North, the river marshes found in the coastal areas, the prairies, orchards and rock outcroppings of the Canadian Shield. The most unique part about this park is the 650 tonne, 1 billion years old, granite rock that sits right outside of the Bay Subway Station. The rock was taken from Canada’s glacial shield in Muskoka piece by piece and reassembled in the park.

The park is a great place to relax, soak up sun and people watch. You’ll find benches around the park surrounded by diverse plant life. There’s also a wooden boardwalk around the marshy terrain, and a waterfall known as The Rain Curtain that adds an artistic touch to the park.

Surrounded by luxurious real estate, high end shopping and fine dining, the Village of Yorkville Park is a natural and functional part of the neighbourhood, truly showcasing what great innovation and design can offer.

Minto Yorkville Park will be one of the few residential buildings in the area that looks over the Village of Yorkville Park. Do you want views of this tranquil park from your balcony? We still have luxurious suites available at Minto Yorkville Park! Walk through the park on your way to visit us at our new sales centre at 101 Yorkville Ave,

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Kenya Bruce