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Construction Update: Working Away at Minto Yorkville Park

It may not be visible from street level, but lots of exciting activity is taking place at the Minto Yorkville Park site, way down in the foundation of the building. Our lowest level, which is approximately 5 levels below ground, is nearly complete in terms of installing the permanent drainage system, waterproofing of the foundation walls and placing steel and concrete.  By the end of November, the perimeter walls and last piece of slab on grade will be completed!

We have begun “decking” for our first piece of suspended floor.  Once the Formwork trade completes the decking, steel is placed with Mechanical and Electrical placing their pipes and conduits as required.  We will be moving in a counter clockwise direction as we move up the levels towards ground floor first pouring walls and columns and finally the slabs.  We are looking forward to our first suspended slab pour mid-November.

In between pouring floor slabs, we will also begin removing the internal shoring system that supported our excavation work.  As suspended slabs reach strength, we will remove the struts, walers and corner braces which will free up some much needed real estate in the underground!

Stay tuned for more updates on Minto Yorkville Park.