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Fitz Your Lifestyle: Kitchen Necessities

It’s only fitting that your brand new Minto Glen Agar Kitchen is equipped with luxurious, high-end appliances to match their elegant environment. Here are some must-haves that your new kitchen shouldn’t be without.

For those looking for something a little smaller than the wine cellar option available with the Minto Glen Agar’s Flex Plans, a wine fridge is the perfect option. A wine fridge will keep your bottles organized, and ease your worries about how to squeeze them into your refrigerator, amongst all your groceries. It’s a designated space for your wine, with easy access that ensures you’ll always have a chilled bottle ready to serve.

A high-quality blender is a kitchen necessity due to it’s versatility. A blender can be used to make more than just smoothies! They can also be used to make soup, baked goods, ice cream, cocktails and so much more, making it a kitchen must have. A high quality blender is important to ensure it can crush ice, and whatever else you may need blended, without its blades getting stuck or breaking.

homes for sale in Toronto with luxurious kitchens
Blender Photo Courtesy of Walnut Kitchen

Any baker knows that a stand mixer is a great way to increase your efficiency in the kitchen. Not only will a high-quality stand mixer perfectly mix or whip your ingredients, it will also save you the time and hassle of having to manually mix them yourself. You can simply switch it on and tackle other tasks, as it does the work for you.

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Stand Mixer Photo Courtesy of Williams Sonoma

There’s nothing better than a fresh cup of coffee in the morning to start your day off right. Why take a trip to the local coffee shop when you can brew your own specialty coffee at home with a high-end coffee or espresso machine. It’s ideal for those relaxed Saturday mornings, laying on the couch with a cup of coffee, as well as hosting, so you can treat your guests to a delicious cappuccino or espresso.

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Coffee Maker Photo Courtesy of Pop Sugar

Situated in an established community, Glen Agar, the new development for sale in Etobicoke, features flexible plans that allow you to personalize your home. Learn more about our new homes for sale in Etobicoke on our floorplans page. For more design tips and tricks, follow us on Facebook and Instagram.