Design Inspiration

At Minto Glen Agar, our homes are full of inspiring spaces that you can customize to your individual taste. Take an ordinary room and turn it into an extraordinary hobby nook or a craft room. Transform a closet into your personal fashion statement. You are only limited by your imagination.

  • Window Seats

    Window Seats

    A cozy little nook in the most used area of the house, a kitchen window seat brings together families and creates a warm spot to make memories.

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  • Fireplace Built-ins

    Fireplace Built-ins

    Enhance the elegance of your Great Room by putting in a tastefully designed Fireplace Built-in with shelving for your curios and showpieces.

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  • Dressing Rooms

    Dressing Rooms

    A dressing room combines the storage of a walk-in closet with the added value of a dressing table, the perfect complement to your style.

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  • Homework Nooks

    Homework Nooks

    Show your kids homework can be a fun learning experience! Give them their very own homework nook with shelving for books.

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  • Craft Rooms

    Craft Rooms

    Are you into scrapbooking, arts and crafts? Then you need a Craft Room to organize your materials, ideas and inspiration!

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  • Mud Room Cubbies

    Mud Room Cubbies

    Of course, getting dirty is the fun part of growing up. That's why these mud room cubbies make sure your kids don't traipse the dirt all over your just-polished living room floor.

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  • Backyard Getaways

    Backyard Getaways

    Imagine your own private urban sanctuary in your backyard. Create a cozy and refreshing retreat for your senses.

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