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PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS In recognition of Mintos continued commitment to building better communities that include more energy efficient homes Minto received both the Ontario Home Builders Associations Ontario Home Builder of the Year award and EnerQualitys Ontario Green Builder of the Year award for 2014. We continue to consider sustainability in the design and development of all of our new communities be it in the energy and water performance of the homes construction practices or community design. Our Kingmeadow community in Ontario incorporates nearly 22 acres of natural open space while more than 40 of Lake Nona in Floridathe site of Mintos Laureate Parkhas been preserved as green space. Homes in both communities will be ENERGY STAR qualified. We continue to pilot new technologies in our homes and condos to identify new features and benefits for our customers. In 2014 Minto tested multi-zone heating and air conditioning in some new low- rise homes. The system uses multiple thermostats and motorized dampers to redirect air where its needed delivering superior home comfort. We also piloted a new water treatment system at Minto Watergarden significantly reducing the amount of chlorine required to maintain the propertys namesake landscape feature and making it possible to use overflow from the system for irrigation rather than sending it down the drain. major residential rental renovations. A tri-sorter more common in our new condominium construction projects was installed at a hotel-to-residential-rental conversion project providing residents with the facilities to conveniently separate their recycling and organics from their household waste. Another Minto community had an aging roof replaced with a longer life cool roof that reflects heat in the summerkeeping occupants cooler and reducing air conditioning needs. This project plus new LED lighting conversions expanded electricity submetering new ENERGY STAR qualified rental properties and ongoing building system audits helped us manage energy consumption and identify opportunities for future improvements in our growing portfolio. OPERATIONAL HIGHLIGHTS Creating better places includes creating safer places. In the past year Minto continued to grow while carefully managing our operations. Although lost time injuries increased compared to 2013 we maintained total injury frequency and severity rates below industry averages in four out of five rate groups Apartment and Condominium Services being the exception. The Minto Florida operating group had an impressive year with no workplace injuriesthe goal of all of our operations. On the environmental side we saw a reduction in water consumption primarily due to our ongoing toilet retrofit program. We also integrated waste diversion and energy conservation features into some LOOKING FORWARD For years Minto has been on a path to making net-zero energy homes accessible to the average home buyer. In 2015 we expect to complete construction of a net-zero energy single-family home and start construction on a block of four net-zero energy townhomes in Ottawas Arcadia communityan initiative supported by Natural Resources Canada Owens Corning and key building product suppliers. Using readily available and affordable products and technologies these homes will be super-insulated and energy efficient. They will feature roof-mounted solar panels to offset energy needs ensuring that the homes will produce as much energy as they consume over the course of a year. What we learn from these high-performance homes will guide us as we evolve our new home designs and construction practices helping us deliver excellent performance as well as comfort cost savings and great design for our customers. At Minto how we operate our buildings is just as important as how we build them. Our focus on continually improving our performance is evident in our commercial and residential building operations where we have new third party energyenvironment certification and sustainability reporting initiatives underway. We look forward to realizing the benefits of these projects in the coming years. 2014ACHIEVEMENTS