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Living Green


At Minto, we believe in creating better places for our residents. Healthier lifestyles should be simple to enjoy and at minto775 King West you can rely on thoughtful, intelligent design to make living well the first and only choice. Minto’s sustainable design approach is anchored in our commitment to deliver:


We believe in providing amenities that give residents solutions for leading a healthier and greener lifestyle.


We take great care to research and test innovative building practices before they go to market, enabling us to deliver solutions that work, while inspiring higher standards for our industry.


Our commitment to quality and green design protects the value of your investment and will save you money.


Living greener should be simple and convenient, so we provide smart design features, tools, and resources that provide natural light, clean air and safe materials.


We strive to do more than just build spaces – we inspire our communities to create enjoyable places to live, work and play that will contribute to a better future for our planet.


We build communities with vision and excellence; communities that will prosper well into the future.


Fan coils feature ultra high efficiency brushless DC motors providing longer life and quieter operation while reducing fan energy by an average of 67%.

Humidity Control.

Your bathroom exhaust fan has an adjustable built-in humidity sensor which turns the fan on when the humidity exceeds the % set on the switch.

Fresh Air Control of Amenity Ventilation.

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is monitored continuously in the regularly used amenity areas. Filtered fresh air is provided in the amenity areas based on the amount of CO2 in the air. As more people occupy a space more CO2 is produced, causing the fresh air system to bring in more clean air, keeping the room fresh and healthy.

Low Emitting Materials.

Environmentally friendly underlays, hardwood, ceramic flooring and low toxicity paints in your suite significantly reduce volatile organic compounds from the air you breathe.

HRV & Improved air circulation.

Your suite is uniquely enhanced with heat recovery ventilators (HRV). Suites at minto775 bring outside air directly into the suite through the HRV where as typical condominiums receive corridor air from under the entry door. The Heat Recovery Ventilator delivers filtered outside air to each suite and circulates that fresh air throughout the suites for improved ventilation and living comfort. This innovative technology also captures heat that is typically lost from exhaust air and uses it to warm incoming cool air, reducing heating costs.

Bike Share Program.

Exclusive to minto775 residents, we are pleased to announce our Bike Share program, FREE to all minto775 residents. Enjoy the abundance of bike paths that run through your neighbourhood. Simply visit the Concierge or Property Management office to sign up and then grab a bike and go. It’s a fast and fun way to get around while being easy on the environment.


Rain Water Harvesting.

A cistern collects water on rainy days and stores the water for future use. The landscaping at minto775 will be watered using this harvested rainwater. The environment is protected while saving the condominium from buying city water for irrigation needs.

Car Plug-ins.

Designated underground parking spots will be equipped with car a rough-in for plug-ins in response to the growing number of electrical vehicles operating on our roads everyday.


Efficient Lighting.

Your suite is equipped with compact fluorescent lights. These lights have up to 10 times longer life expectancy while consuming less than one-quarter of the energy of their incandescent counterparts.

Building Systems.

High-efficiency heating systems reduce energy consumption while generating 90% less acid rain than a standard condominium building. Reduced energy consumption, non-ozone depleting cooling systems, and lower emissions directly contribute to a healthier environment.

Low Flow Shower Head.

Specially designed showerheads provide a comfortable shower while using up to 25% less water that a standard showerhead. Hot water is available quickly to your shower, so you won’t need to run the shower before entering.

Dual Flush Toilets.

Toilets in your suite use a “dual” flush technology allowing you to reduce your water consumption by over 32%. A small flush of only 3 litres, uses half of a conventional low-flush toilet; while the large flush is a conventional 6 litres.

Sub Metering - Water.

Your suite’s cold and hot water is individually metered, ensuring that you only pay for your use of in-suite water consumption. This empowering feature in past Minto condominiums has been proven to reduce water consumption by over 50%.

Sub Metering - Electrical.

Your suite’s electricity is individually metered, ensuring that you only pay for what you use. This empowering feature has been proven to reduce electricity consumption by 20%.


All-Off Switch.

Simple convenient in-suite lighting control. One flick turns off all fixed lighting, exhaust fans and designated green plugs.

Green Plugs.

Reduce energy consumption by making it easy to turn off specifically marked electrical outlets. Each ‘green’ plug is connected to the All-Off switch, and with one quick flick you can have the convenience of leaving devices plugged in while eliminating ever increasing ‘phantom’ power loads.


The fully programmable thermostat enables you to control the temperature and airflow in your suite. The thermostat allows you to set the temperature in your suite to your comfort level when you are home and adjust for increased energy savings when you’re out of the suite. Thermostats offer the single greatest and easiest opportunity to conserve energy, requiring nothing more than adjusting a switch to the desired temperature setting.

ENERGYSTAR® Appliances.

ENERGY STAR® appliances are standard in every suite and include stainless steel refrigerator, dishwasher and front-loading washing machine. ENERGY STAR qualified products use 30% less energy to do the same job as non-ENERGY STAR qualified products, saving you money while creating fewer greenhouse gas emissions.


Car Share Program.

There are many reasons why a car share program is right for you. Whether you are using it to save the environment or save money, with car share located in your neighbourhood, NOT owning a car has never been so easy. Minto775 owners and residents will enjoy preferred membership and access to a car share program.

Convenient Transit.

Minto775 is located steps from the TTC Streetcar – 504, which puts the city at your doorstep.

Multi-Chute Recycling.

At minto775 every floor is equipped with garbage chutes, providing three choices for disposal: recycling, organics and the balance of non-recyclable waste. The chutes are clearly marked, simple to use and help you divert garbage from the landfill.

Green Roof.

Combating urban heat island effect, minto775’s green roof will contribute to a more sustainable city.


LEED® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Gold Canada candidate.

minto775 King West is designed with an expectation to exceed building code energy efficiency requirements by over 35%.

Dedicated Team.

Minto has a dedicated professional green team focused on achieving environmental and energy standards that benefit residents today and in the future with lower costs and healthier living. Minto is also a member of both the US and Canada Green Building Council.